With the seven-day rolling average for COVID-19 cases continuing to climb, the Province imposed additional restrictions, but many feel they didn't actually address the spread of the virus.
Some telecommunications analysts and consumer advocates say the country's regional wireless and internet carriers will benefit the most from a landmark regulatory ruling Thursday by the CRTC.
A union that represents food and commercial workers says Tuesday decisions by Toronto and its neighbouring Peel Region to temporarily close businesses with COVID-19 outbreaks is a "reactive measure
Ontario doctors are strongly urging the Province to implement recommendations made by the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table regarding mitigating the spread of the virus.
The Ontario government rejected efforts to support essential workers with paid sick leave Monday while admitting its now-reversed moves to close playgrounds and grant police new enforcement powers
Ontario police forces said Monday that they'll focus on educating the public about following new COVID-19 measures after the government expanded their powers in an effort to combat the pandemic's t
With many Canadians continuing to battle mental health issues associated with the pandemic, far too many have turned to substances to help them cope.
The majority of entrepreneurs are hoping the federal budget won't include any new tax increases.
The NDP is refusing to cooperate after reportedly being informed by the Ford government that it plans to shut down the legislature, potentially switching to virtual parliamentary sessions by Wednes
The governments of Canada and Ontario announced a joint venture that would provide $656.5 million in funding to upgrade the province's school infrastructure.