Premier Doug Ford just told a reporter that he will not be marching in the Raptors’ parade.
It’s official: Cannabis edibles are coming.And they should be available in December. 
According to Siemens, Mississauga could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 81 per cent by 2050.
The city is proposing some major changes to parking in the city.
During this past year, the plethora of funding cuts from Doug Ford’s government has been well documented.
Mississauga just received five awards and has been named the top mid-sized city of the future.
Could Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie be in line for a career change?
Ottawa has created a bill that will end the captivity of whales and dolphins.
In the ongoing fight to keep the planet clean and habitable, plastic pollution is a serious problem, and the federal government has recently laid out plans on how it will reduce Canada’s plastic wa
The City of Mississauga is honouring over 80 residents and organizations!