The Ford government says that they are now supporting child care professionals by increasing their wage.
The Ford government intends to merge the 59 local ambulance services and public health units in Ontario into just 10 units.
A recent report detailing the total amount of money spent by the Peel Regional Council last year was recently released. 
The Ontario government is challenging the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing act at the Court of Appeal from April 15th to the 18th.
Over the past few weeks, conversations surrounding Mississauga's desire to formally and officially extricate itself from the Region of Peel reached a fever pitch.
As 2019 is an election year, expect to see many federal politicians stopping by many times until the fall vote.
After months of speculation about what was going to be cut, with apocalyptic visions of Doug Ford wielding a chainsaw to who knows what, Ontario's self anointed "Government for the People," has del
The wait may finally be over for Ontario’s new license plate slogan.Sources on twitter say government sources leaked the new slogan; “A Place to Grow.”
Mississauga Council Chambers was packed this past Monday night at a public town hall meeting about the merits of the city leaving Peel Region and becoming a single tier municipality.
Facebook has banned several Canadian groups and individuals associated with far-right hate movements.