Mississauga has some fast-growing neighbourhoods, and the future of one of them has become the subject of intense discussion.And it might not be the neighbourhood you’re thinking of.
Cooksville has been referred to as “that place you drive past on your way to Port Credit,” and while that description may irk some people, it’s not that far off.
Now that it’s well into September, municipal election campaigning in Mississauga and across Ontario has begun in earnest.
During the June election, Doug Ford’s Conservatives ran on a promise that they would streamline government services and find efficiencies, specifically up to $6 billion worth of them.
If you’re a post secondary student getting ready to head back to classes this fall, you should know that the days of controversial speakers getting barred from campuses may be coming to an end.
When it comes to the issue of climate change, the new Progressive Conservative government in Ontario is sending some rather strange mixed signals to the public.
A decision on who will oversee the $3 billion budget of a governing body that affects the lives of over a million people has now reverted back to the hands of politicians who will be elected after
This new stat holiday might call for a day off, but it’s not exactly cause for celebration.
Even at 97, the iconic former Mississauga mayor is still quite active around the city, showing up at public events and making appearances. So it’s no surprise that she occasionally chimes in o
A woman who ran for an MPP position this past June and who planned to run in the upcoming municipal elections in Mississauga is fighting back after being disqualified