The selection of the new Peel Regional Chair, in the end, came down as a rather uneventful process as regional councillors selected a recently retired colleague over an experienced former provincia
If there's one thing Mississauga needs, it's more purpose-built rental housing that will remain available to tenants—and tenants only—in perpetuity.
There has been much criticism on the Ontario government’s climate change position ever since they took office back in late June. 
If you’re on disability or require social assistance in Ontario, then you might be interested in some changes announced by the provincial government.
For years as Mississauga saw a plan unfold for an LRT along Hurontario Street, many readers have stressed that there should be an east west connection since most people in Mississauga travel to Tor
Even though you'd probably have to have a pretty good arm, it's not terribly inaccurate to say that Mississauga is a stone's throw from Toronto.
These past few months have seen a dramatic spike in gun and gang violence, not only in Mississauga and neighbouring Brampton but in other parts of Toronto and the GTA as well.
On Nov.
After over a year of fanfare and speculation, the decision has been made regarding Amazon’s second headquarters.It’s not coming to Mississauga, Toronto or anywhere else in the GTA.
You might find this hard to believe, but one of Mississauga's oldest and most storied neighbourhoods is getting just a little trendier by the day—and you probably want to visit it right now to tak