Mississauga Council Chambers was packed this past Monday night at a public town hall meeting about the merits of the city leaving Peel Region and becoming a single tier municipality.
“Open for Business” is a tagline that has been frequently bandied about by the Ford government, as it reflects their goal of “bringing jobs back to Ontario,” or something to that effect.
It's been called a "game changer", "historic" and "a coming of age for our city".
For close to 25 years now, Mississauga has been examining its relationship with the Region of Peel and found the partnership—imposed on it by the province—wanting.
The emerging debate over the so-called "Mississ-exit" seems simple enough to understand: Mississauga wants more control over "its destiny" and the only way to do that is to split from Peel Region s
Although it is a relatively minor issue with most of the population, the topic of regional government and its future is one of the major files the Ontario government is currently dealing with, and
As Mississauga grows, so must its housing options.
More like a “Political Blind Date” to be precise.
I think many of us had such high hopes in the beginning.
This past Tuesday the Ontario Legislature reconvened for their first session for 2019, as MPPs returned to Queen’s Park.