Many people appreciate and support Doug Ford as a politician because they feel he is blunt and speaks his mind.
After almost a year of railing against the Justin Trudeau / Kathleen Wynne “cap and trade carbon tax”, it appears the government of Doug Ford is looking to impose a “carbon tax” of its own.
It looks like Doug Ford's plan to take over Toronto's subway system is well underway.
Ryerson University has been in the news a lot lately, especially in nearby Brampton where hopes of a satellite university campus arriving in the city were dashed when the Ford government decided to
There's been some moves on the provincial education front, as the Ontario government announced they were launching a
The Ontario government has reversed course on part of a piece of legislation designed to make the province “open for business”—that part that had those concerned about development on the Greenbelt
In the midst of the big announcement over a cut in tuition fees by 10 per cent the Doug Ford
Since the legalization of cannabis across Canada last October, the Ontario government has fundamentally changed course when it comes to how the product will inevitably be sold by brick and mortar r
Tuition fees for university and college students across Ontario could see a big decrease, if the provincial government has their way.
The future of the Region of Peel is one of those minor topics that is always there, but flies under the radar in comparison to all the other important issues the Doug Ford government has dealt with