While some may believe the war on Christmas began with Starbucks’ use of red cups during the holiday season, it actually dates back much farther than that.
Ontario’s pit bull ban could soon be lifted, if a bill proposed by MPP Rick Nicholls from Chatham-Kent-Leamington gets passed.
The fallout continued over Peel school trustee Will Davies' use of the wo
Most people, when they’re thinking of a political party leader who should lose his current job, are probably thinking of the Conservatives’ Andrew Scheer or, to a lesser extent, Liberal Prime Minis
Less than a year after Mississauga city council decided to "opt-out" of the provincial retail cannabis model that would allow stores to open in the city to sell legal cannabis, it appears that some
This week marked the beginning of the Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign, wherein the organization mobilizes volunteers across the province to raise money for the less fortunate.
Nothing brings out the fury of a straight, white, cisgender male quite like a day honouring anyone but a straight, white, cisgender male.
One sunny autumn afternoon at an off-leash dog park in downtown Hamilton, I was enjoying watching my one-year-old beagle cross ‘ruff’ house (hehe) with his pals.
It looks like Peel Regional Chair Nando Iannicca will get off scot free after all.
In light of the long-overdue dismissal of Canada’s favourite bigoted hockey personality—who, whi