Affordable housing is already a hot button issue in Mississauga.
While police are still looking for a male dog owner in connection with a serious canine attack at a Mississauga park, the City of Mississauga is considering a potential ban on children under a cert
Sometimes, certain changes are unexpected. 
The Ontario PC Party announced during the provincial election this past June that they were not planning to go through the scheduled minimum wage hike come January 2019 to $15 an hour.
After news broke that thousands of patients were stuck on hallway stretchers at a number of Ontario hospitals—
We have some good news for sellers and less good news for buyers—the Toronto and GTA real estate market is going strong (meaning home prices are up a little on a year-over-year basis). 
Lots is changing between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico as a result of the new USMCA (NAFTA) trade agreement.
Fireworks continue to explode over what should have been a calm Mississauga city council race in Ward 10, as incumbent Sue McFadden fends off challengers Mazin Al-Ezzi and realtor Savita Sangwan.
While Mississauga is arguably (and factually) one of the world's safest municipalities, the city—and the entire Toronto and GTA region—has witnessed an uptick in gun violence.
Unemployment and underemployment aren't just hard on sufferers--a new report suggests they hurt entire regions.