It's already tough to purchase a home in Mississauga, what with detached homes typically running buyers an absolute minimum (on average, at least) of $800,000 (most still hover around the $900,000
The deadline to register as a candidate has come and gone, and the list of candidates running in this upcoming municipal election has been finalized.
In another unprecedented move by Ontario Premier Doug Ford (as if there hasn't been a few already), the premier announced a series of changes in the upcoming municipal elections, just one day befor
While Canada has been making headlines in regards to its refugee resettlement promises since the country began welcoming displaced Syrian refugees, talk about housing migrants—many of whom have co
It's no secret that real estate is extremely valuable in Mississauga and surrounding cities, and even though most people are aware that property is costly to purchase, not everyone takes annual pro
Doug Ford's short time as premier has been eventful (to say the least), and it looks like the controver
A Mississauga and Peel Regional councillor has been reprimanded for comments that were deemed racially insensitive after other councillors voted on a recommendation from the Region’s Integrity Comm
Doug Ford and the PC Party have been in power in Ontario for about two weeks now. Since that time, Ontario has seen quite a dramatic shift in policy and governing style.
While new developments can be exciting, they can also provoke anxiety in some homeowners.
Car insurance rates are high across Ontario.Including here in Mississauga.