It's no secret that residential development in Mississauga has been booming these past few years.
While it would be highly inaccurate to say that housing is getting more affordable, it’s not wrong to point out that housing prices—namely detached housing prices—have dropped quite a bit month-o
Last month, Mississauga city councillor Sue McFadden was appointed the new chair of the Peel Police Services Board during the first police board meeting of 2018.
The City of Mississauga recently announced that it’s investing a total of $3.6 million ($3,675,205.17, to be exact) in funding to community groups, arts groups, heritage groups and f
If you went to grade school in Canada, you likely stood for — or even sang — the Canadian anthem every single morning.But when you’re in school, you don’t often realize what a patrotic and releva
It's true that we will soon see a Light-Rail Transit (LRT) system in Mississauga, and slowly but surely, details are being revealed on what that system will look like here.
Although housing prices in Mississauga and surrounding cities dipped after reaching unprecedented highs in winter 2017, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) says the Canadian market
It's no secret that 2017 was a wild year in GTA real estate, and while it looks like 2018 will offer a little more balance and little less frenzy, experts believe we will continue to see prices inc