If you’ve been watching the NBA finals at Celebration Square over the past couple of weeks, then you’re likely excited to be able to go back for one last hurrah.
A victory as monumental as the Raptors’ championship win on Thursday demands an equally monumental celebration.
It’s official: Cannabis edibles are coming.And they should be available in December. 
According to Siemens, Mississauga could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 81 per cent by 2050.
The city is proposing some major changes to parking in the city.
Mississauga just received five awards and has been named the top mid-sized city of the future.
Mississauga has been planning a Lakeview neighbourhood for the past couple of years.
Peel Region is adding red-light cameras at five intersections in Mississauga.There is now a total of 33 locations in the Peel Region that have a red light camera.
Something new is coming to The Collegeway!
The Ontario government recently announced that Bill 108 - entitled the 'More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019' - has been passed.The announcement was made on June 6, 2019.