If you have children taking the school bus every day, or if you’ve accompanied your child on a recent class field trip, you know that most school buses don't come with seatbelts. Some may come with seatbelts in the first few seats but other than that, school buses traditionally do not have seatbelts on every one of their seats.

If you've been anxiously waiting for the Trudeau Liberals to make good on their promise to legalize pot in Canada, you might be happy to hear that the government is expected to introduce the relevant legislation soon.

According to a recent CBC article, the Liberals should announce legislation to legalize the substance next month.

No, prices aren't cooling off.

At least as far as TD Economics is concerned.

According to the recent report, there's no relief in sight for prospective GTA buyers who were hoping to see the red-hot housing market cool off in 2017.

Getting elected to serve on the municipal governing body of Canada’s sixth largest municipality is no longer a part time job. Whereas in generations past it was considered true public service in part because of the low salary that required politicians to have another job to sustain their income, today Mississauga city councillors get paid quite handsomely.

If there’s one thing that can be said about the recent debates over Muslim prayers in Peel public schools, it’s that the conversations have often devolved into unbelievably uncivil and prejud

Although Donald Trump's presidency is still very much in its infancy, it's been wracked with controversy (as most people expected it would be).

After a year or so of studying the issue, hashing out the details, and facing intense confrontations with the taxi industry, Mississauga residents will finally know how Uber—as well as other Transportation Network Companies (TNC)—will legally operate in Canada's sixth largest city.

After much debate—and much protest—Mississauga-Erin Mills MP Iqra Khalid's controversial Private Member's Motion (M-103) has been passed by the House of Commons.

The federal budget was unveiled this week and buried amongst a number of spending measures was the fact that the budget is taking away some of the tax credits brought in by the previous Conservative government (hence the opposition raving about how the Liberals are raising taxes). One of those credits was for public transit users, such as commuters who frequently use GO train to travel from Mississauga to Toronto as well as MiWay users.

When people hear the term "affordable housing," they too often think of subsidized housing (which, though important, is not quite the same thing) and assume that lower-cost housing is something oth