In a surprising move, Mississauga City Council has decided to defer approving the 2020 city budget until early in the new year. The decision came during this past week's council meeting.
On Friday (Dec. 6), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sgt. Kerry Schmidt posted a video to serve as a chilling reminder to Ontario drivers.
Back in the 90s, Mississauga was the epitome of a bedroom community.
While there's been a great deal of talk about the need for more affordable housing in Mississauga and the GTA, the solution does not appear to be more policies geared towards helping people get int
Tenants who fear retaliation when reporting issues with their units might be pleased to hear that the City of Mississauga is considering implementing a program that would allow it to proactively in
The fallout continued over Peel school trustee Will Davies' use of the wo
Mississauga city council is formally showcasing its displeasure with the province's decision to
If you hope to purchase a home in Mississauga in 2020, the white-hot market is likely to remain a challenge for you well into the new year.
It's no secret that Mississauga residents, much like those in other GTA municipalities, are struggling to find affordable housing.
Less than a year after Mississauga city council decided to "opt-out" of the provincial retail cannabis model that would allow stores to open in the city to sell legal cannabis, it appears that some