Newly elected Premier Doug Ford's plan to replace the current and more comprehensive sexual education curriculum with the 1998 model has come under fire from parents, students and the Elementary Te
A woman who ran for an MPP position this past June and who planned to run in the upcoming municipal elections in Mississauga is fighting back after being disqualified
While it's no secret that houses are costly in Mississauga and beyond, people looking to get into the market might be happy to hear that home prices have remained fairly stable over the past few mo
We are over the six month mark since construction activity started on Hurontario Street for the building of the
Well, it’s official: buck a beer is coming back to Ontario.
It looks like more affordable/supportive housing units are coming to Mississauga.And these will serve the community’s most vulnerable members. 
Affordable housing has been a hot topic, as home prices have risen expoentually and wages have not been able to keep up.
Promise made, promise kept?
We might have an exciting mayor's race in Brampton and two Mississauga wards with no incumbents, but that doesn't mean some other parts of Mississauga aren't seeing some political intrigue leading
It's already tough to purchase a home in Mississauga, what with detached homes typically running buyers an absolute minimum (on average, at least) of $800,000 (most still hover around the $900,000