A former Mississauga councillor has been appointed to fill the Ward 1 vacancy.
Mississauga's real estate market, heavily tied to Toronto's due to proximity, has been a fascinating one to watch over the past year—and it doesn't look like things are getting any less exciting (
If you didn’t think the leadership race the Ontario Progressive Conservatives are currently having was not wild enough to resemble a season of Game of Thrones, then guess again.
We all know that Mississauga real estate doesn't come cheap and that affordable homes are, for the most part, few and far between.
With Mississauga tackling more grand-scale development projects and working to redefine itself as a vibrant urban destination, it has to be a little more creative when it comes to revenue generatio
Valentine's Day is, for many, a difficult day—a day that acts as a stark reminder of one's singleness (which is truly never something to be ashamed of) or one that applies undue pressure to expres
It looks like a much vaunted new provincial highway for GTA automobile users, an infrastructure project
If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the Liberals to make good on their promise to legalize pot in Canada, you may have to wait a little longer!
It's no secret that residential development in Mississauga has been booming these past few years.
While it would be highly inaccurate to say that housing is getting more affordable, it’s not wrong to point out that housing prices—namely detached housing prices—have dropped quite a bit month-o