New speed limit signs pop up across Mississauga to get drivers to slow down


Published August 10, 2022 at 3:40 pm

A motion to reduce the posted speed on local and minor collector roads through town to 40 km/h was turned down by Oakville Town Council. INHALTON PHOTO

A relatively new City of Mississauga program that takes direct aim at speeding drivers has now been implemented in most neighbourhoods across the city.

Instead of reducing speed limits street by street, the City’s Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit Project seeks to establish a reduced speed limit for an entire neighbourhood, or area.

With that in mind, City officials unveiled speed limit signs that include the word “area” under the maximum speed allowed.

The reworked speed limit signs, which have now been introduced in most areas across Mississauga, tell drivers that the posted speed limit applies not only to the particular street they’re travelling on, but the entire area until they see another sign that indicates otherwise.

In 2019 under the program, the City began lowering speed limits in 11 Mississauga neighbourhoods.

In 2020, officials began the process of implementing the speed limit initiative in all city neighbourhoods. And work continues on that front.

“This process may take some time to complete as the City works to make these changes neighbourhood by neighbourhood,” City officials say in an online description of the program. “New signs will be installed at the entrances and exits to all neighbourhoods which will indicate when the neighbourhood area speed limits are in effect.”

An interactive map shows where the signs have been already posted and where there are plans to post the signs.

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