New restrictions have yet to impact online job postings


The disparity between online job postings this year compared to last year continues to shrink through October, despite the Proving imposing additional restrictions for several sectors across three regions.

As of October 9, the disparity in year-over-year job postings decreased slightly to 15 per cent.

While September saw the gap shrink by six per cent, and the beginning of October has been promising, that trend could reverse due to the new restrictions implemented by the Province—with a potential for more on the horizon.

When it comes to job postings by Province, Ontario’s year-over-year numbers are in line with National numbers—15 per cent fewer postings year over year, putting them in the middle of the pack—Quebec’s year-over-year postings are down 19 per cent, while P.E.I’s postings are up 25 per cent compared to this time last year.

While many sectors have seen a rebound in job postings, those that have been hit especially hard by the pandemic have seen postings decline further—food preparation and service, and hospitality and tourism are two such examples; and this was before the new restrictions, which prohibit restaurants to allow in-person dining.

Food preparation and service job postings are down 37 per cent, while sports are down 38 per cent, hospitality and tourism are down 42 per cent, and aviation is down 69 per cent.

However, some sectors have exceeded the year-over-year numbers, nursing job postings are up 19 per cent, while loading and stocking job postings are up 16 per cent; additionally, construction job postings have increased four per cent, while security and public safety job postings inreased three per cent.

Photos courtesy of Indeed

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