New restaurant specializing in unique Middle Eastern flatbread now open in Mississauga


Published March 9, 2020 at 11:37 pm


Mississauga boasts a diverse array of restaurants that specialize in cuisines from around the world, but not every restaurant chooses one signature dish to focus on and make its own.

Fatteh and Snobar, a new Middle Eastern restaurant that offers dishes from Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, has carved out a little niche for itself by focusing on fatteh–a flatbread-type dish made with fried pita bread, chickpeas, yoghurt, pomegranate, and pine nuts.  

“We focus mostly on food from Lebanon, Jordan and Syria,” says Jay Hermiz, the restaurant’s co-owner.

“Our most popular is the fatteh.”

The Eglinton and Central Parkway East restaurant, which is currently enjoying a soft-opening, makes everything in-house (the owners say that nothing is ever frozen) and offers a wide variety of dishes, including both meat and vegetarian fattehs, fava-bean based dishes, hummus plates, falafel, lentil soup, manakish, salad, a full chicken with no bones, meat skewers, shawarma (chicken and beef), kafta, chicken and mushroom pasta and more. 

The restaurant is also open for breakfast and serves a unique omelette pie made by baking eggs inside of the dough. 

“We have shawarma, but we don’t focus on just shawarma,” says Hermiz. 

The restaurant does not serve alcohol but does offer a range of mocktails. 

The restaurant, located in a plaza with ample parking, offers a bright and spacious interior that’s home to two large vinyl murals on each side of the space. One image, which has some biblical appeal, shows women cooking around an outdoor fire. Another image shows an opulent Syrian kitchen with a chic indoor fountain. 

The restaurant aims to serve Middle Eastern dishes in a variety of ways to please diverse palates. 

“These countries make the same food, but they eat it differently. Some eat fatteh with yoghurt, some eat it without,” Hermiz says. 

Going forward, Hermiz says the restaurant will soon offer catering services for parties and events. He also says groups will be able to reserve the restaurant for special occasions and enjoy a buffet-style meal. 

A grand opening celebration will be held in the coming days.

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