It’s hard to believe that it’s already fall, but with the leaves changing colour and the winds getting cooler, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season, as it’s not too early t
It seems like there's always something new opening in Square One (and that's not something any shopper is complaining about).
If you love shopping for slightly more affordable luxury goods (and who doesn't?), you might be very happy to hear that a slew of new higher-end stores are about to open in Toronto Premium Outlets
If you want more places that offer a touch of fabulousness in our neck of the woods, we have good news for you: a very popular and growing blo dry bar with locations throughout Canada and the U.S.
Home cooks, rejoice—you now have a new culinary wonderland to explore.
Now that it's unofficially fall (we still have about three weeks of summer left!), you might be thinking about fall and (gasp!) winter outfits.
Another one bites the dust.And this closure is definitely unexpected. 
Are you excited to get started on your—dare we say it!—holiday shopping?
It seems like there's always new coming to Square One (which is something absolutely no one in Mississauga is complaining about).
As anyone who regularly frequents Square One knows, the iconic shopping centre is no stranger to new arrivals.