Have you forgotten to purchase your beloved a Valentine’s Day gift?
If you love to read or purchase incredible throw blankets, you might have been horrified to discover that the long-standing Chapters location on Rathburn Road had seemingly shuttered its doors for
If you've been to Square One recently, you've likely noticed that part of the shopping centre is undergoing a massive—and exciting—renovation that will bring a Rec Room, Food District and Indigo
While some crazy people love winter, others (most?) come down from the holiday season high and sit in their homes or offices sullenly, anxiously waiting for summer.
Square One is no stranger to grand-scale expansion projects that fundamentally alter the look, feel and appeal of the city's biggest—and best known—shopping centre.
Looking for groceries?If so, you now have a few more options in Mississauga.
Can there ever be too many groceries in a huge city?We don't think so.
We all remember when the well-known American retailer Target made a big splash into Canada and left just as quickly, shutting hundreds of stores across the country after failing to gain traction in
Mississauga offers a ton of grocery stores—and a diverse array of them, no less—but that doesn't mean that the city can't use a new one.
Have you noticed something new near H&M in Square One in Mississauga?Something that might make you think "here's a good New Years Resolution?'