For those worried that the Square One storefront of Canada’s iconic and beloved lifestyles brand has taken up roots and moved away, fear not!
There's no shortage of things to do at Square One, the vast shopping centre that recently welcomed The Food District, Indigo and The Rec Room.
Sometimes when we think something is gone forever, it reappears unexpectedly. 
While we always encourage people to spend time outside during our short and precious summers, we also know that it’s important to take shelter from the heat—especially the heat expected this weeke
There is absolutely no shortage of goods and services at Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, as the retail and food hotspot is home to a vast array of stores, restaurants and recreational sp
Are you in the market for a piece of furniture or item of clothing that's a little more on the vintage side (and quite upscale, to boot)?
Square One has a little bit of everything: Lots of stores, tons of restaurants and a few choice recreational hotspots.
With the nicer weather finally breaking through after what seemed like an eternal winter, you might be planning a range of outdoor activities.
A popular Toronto based men’s clothing shop has just opened its doors in Square One.
It might not feel like summer just yet, but June is just days away, and that means that all of the spectacular gatherings we associate with summer—proms, weddings, bridal showers, trips and more—