A popular export from The Hammer is now open in Mississauga.
When people think of Chinese, Korean or Asian-fusion restaurants, they either picture vast (think Summit Garden) or cozily spartan (think Owl of Minerva) restaurants specializing in huge, shareable
Have you ever been overcome with a craving for peri peri chicken?
If you wanted another spot to relax over a breakfast sandwich and a latte, you are in luck—a popular cafe with a generous food menu is about to open another location in Mississauga.
First, there was JJ Muggs.After that, there was the Pickle Barrel.For some time, there was even a Spring Rolls.
Are you looking for more food options in the Square One area?
Mississauga has a lot of cafes, but not all of them—or even most—are smaller, independent operations.
We know that Mississauga has a plethora of shawarma joints, but that doesn’t mean that a new one isn’t exciting.
Mississauga's food scene is known for being varied and diverse, so it's no surprise that the city is about to become home to another acclaimed hotspot.
There’s no shortage of exceptional Indian (or South Asian in general, really) cuisine in Mississauga, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more—even if that restaurant is familiar to Mis