If you love Filipino cuisine, you’ll be excited to know that Mississauga just got a new Filipino restaurant. 
Mississauga’s food scene is popping and welcoming a few gems that made names for themselves east of the border.
There is no shortage of restaurants or food spots at Square One, but that doesn't mean that it isn't exciting to welcome one more to the fold.
A few months ago, we found that a very popular Toronto restaurant was slated to open a brand new location in Mississauga.
Have you ever imagined yourself dining in a decidedly fabulous fashion inside an exclusive, members-only club?
Some like their restaurants fancy, some like them diverse, some like them vegan and some like them meaty.
There’s no denying that Mississauga has a vast and enviable shawarma scene.It is, after all, the birthplace of both Osmow’s and Paramount.
Mississauga has just welcomed yet another unique restaurant to the fold. And while new openings aren’t uncommon in the city, there’s truly no such thing has “too many restaurants.”
For the past few days, the word "Jollibee" has been on everyone's lips. Why?
A restaurant that most Mississauga residents have fond childhood (and even adulthood) memories of is no more.