New Openings: The Cold Pressery

Published April 28, 2015 at 9:28 pm


Mississauga is losing its bedroom community label with locals spending more time in this city and especially because it has more to offer since there’s been an abundance of new business openings over the past few years. The Cold Pressery is another new business opening its doors in Mississauga, offering fresh organic cold pressed (raw) juices. 

Proprietors Sivonn Ra and Jenny Le had met in their college years and their common desire to lead a healthy lifestyle spurred into a business opportunity together. “There is a growing trend in Toronto of indie shops, including cold pressed juice cafes and because Mississauga doesn’t have anything quite like The Cold Pressery, we wanted to build our business in this developing city” says Le. 

A healthy lifestyle through juicing is the foundation of their business and an option for those who want to transition to a healthy lifestyle, a bridge so to speak, to a more health conscious lifestyle. 

The space seats 26 and is adorned with wood elements and chalk board walls. The main wall is a mural of Mississauga landmarks including Square One, the Marilyn Monroe condos, City Hall and Sheridan College created by Le herself – the project took her about two and a half weeks. 

Both Sivonn and Li created an environment where “you could relax and know that everything you’re consuming is healthy and good for you” states Ra. Wifi and a small area with iPads which will be stocked with the most popular app’s and games are available at the cafe. 

Grand opening Date: The Cold Pressery meet and greet starts Wednesday, April 29th until Friday, May 1st where you can try samples and check the place out. They will officially be open for business on Saturday, May 2nd. The grand opening will follow sometime in the month of May.

Sivonn’s Favorite Drink: Green Glory Kale – parsley, cucumber, celery, and green apples. “It has many benefits and is high in chlorophyll and cancer fighting nutrients.” 

Jenny’s Favorite Drink: Yellow Mellow – pineapple, yellow pepper, Fuji apple, mint, and lemon. “Besides tasting great, it’s good for your digestive system, and immunity.”  

Menu: Their cold pressed juices are made with a commercial juicer called Good Nature X1 which uses hydraulic pressure to squeeze juice out of fruit and vegetables. It makes 26 gallons in 36 minutes and the fresh juice has a 72 hour shelf life. The menu includes a selection of organic cold pressed juices and smoothies with fun and catchy names like Juicy Fruit, Orange Uglad, and Hulk’s Favorite. They also offer healthy snack options including avocado smashed toast, and  Acai bowls which are filled with bananas, mangoes, coconut shavings, and granola. Chia seed pudding, vegan pies, Danishes and cookies are also on the menu and everything is vegan and dairy free. They also make cold pressed organic almond and cashew milk and offer cold pressed coffee from Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.

What’s Up and Coming? Waffle sandwiches will be added to the menu, and they will be the first and only cafe in Mississauga offering nitro cold brewed coffee on tap. Cold brewed coffee is fairly new to the market and nitro cold brewed coffee on tap is said to be the latest craze. It’s an innovative method of producing cold pressed coffee using nitrogen that gives coffee a foam top similar to the head on a pint of Guinness and a creamy taste without the use of dairy.

Seats:  26

Patio: no

Licensed: no

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