New Openings: Szechuan Noodle Bowl

Published June 23, 2015 at 8:36 pm


Szechuan Noodle Bowl specializes in authentic Sichuan cuisine including fresh hand-made noodles made twice daily for both the lunch and dinner crowd. 

(Cover photo: #D2 Hand-made noodle, spicy with beef)

Chef Wei Jiang, his wife/co-owner Jia Wang and co-owner Charles Gao had been waiting for the right opportunity to open up their restaurant concept which came into fruition nearly three years ago after working together for a year at a restaurant in Hamilton. 

Both chef Jiang and wife Wang are from Sichuan and chef Jiang travelled back to Sichuan to learn the art of hand-made noodles for their restaurant. 

The owners were torn between building their restaurant in Mississauga and Hamilton since both cities have a lot of Chinese international students and a growing Chinese population. The space they found is located in a small plaza along Dundas St. E in what once was a Pakistani Restaurant. 

Gao believes that Mississauga was the right choice with many options for dining and believes that the people of Mississauga are more open to try ethnic food. 

Sichuan is a province located in south west region of China (formerly known as Szechuan or Szechwan). Like many Asian cuisines, Sichuan incorporates a variety of bold flavours including spicy, salty, sour, sweet, and heavy in the use of chili peppers, chili oil and garlic.

Unique for: Sichuan cuisine serving authentic Sichuan snacks featuring “nose-to-tail” dishes and offals. 

Signature Dish: #D2 (see above photo) and #D3 house special sliced noodles with your choice of beef, ground pork, pork intestines, and preserved senvy.

Food Menu: The menu is small but rich in variety and is separated into three sections: Sichuan snacks (marinated duck head, beef lungs in chili sauce, duck gizzard, pork intestines, duck feet, spiced dry radish); Sichuan noodles and soup (hand-made and machine made noodle dishes, boiled dumplings, Sichuan hotpot vermicelli; and main dishes (kung pao chicken, bear’s paw with bean curd, poached beef in hot chili oil, Sichuan style chicken).

What’s Up and Coming?: Local food deliveries will start in August which will reach as far as Mississauga’s University of Toronto campus. The menu will change in a few months and daily features and lunch specials will be available soon.

Seats: 28

Patio: No

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