New Openings: Sugar Marmalade

Published July 8, 2015 at 7:40 pm


Sugar Marmalade is the first and only location in Mississauga that specializes in desserts from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Imagine a colourful and suped-up bubble tea drink served in a bowl and topped with ice cream. 

The founder of Sugar Marmalade is a Hong Kong immigrant who built the first location at Dragon City shopping mall located in downtown Toronto’s Chinatown – a brand well known in the Chinese community. 

(Cover shot above: Japanese Terriyaki French Fries – French fries topped with mayo, terriyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed strips.) 

Local franchisees’ Clark Lee and Shu Pan wanted to be the first to bring Sugar Marmalade to the city and so far it is the only restaurant of its kind in Mississauga.   

“The major selling point is the desserts,” says Lee. What originally started out as a dessert spot has now grown to include savory Honkongese and Taiwanese snacks and fusion dishes. 

The restaurant has tall ceilings with booths and table seating and plays both Asian and English pop music. 

The Golden Treasures Mixed sago dessert (as seen in the photo below) is a compilation of textures and flavours including popping yogurt bubbles (also known as popping boba or spherification, for those into modernist cuisine) which are as fun and as close to popping bubble wrap we’ll get now that the manufacturer has unveiled a pop-less version of the popular packaging material. It also includes fresh mango, sago, and grapefruit in a special mango juice-base topped with vanilla ice cream.

Signature Dish: Golden Sago Mix is a popular classic Asian dessert which includes fresh mango, sago and grapefruit in a creamy mango juice base and Taiwanese-Style Popcorn Chicken..

Signature Drink: Golden Royal includes fresh mango, aloe, popping yogurt bubble, in house special creamy mango juice base.

Menu: The extensive menu includes a huge variety of desserts subdivided into categories on the menu which include: fusion, pudding, soya bean, black pearl, sago mixed, black grass jelly, black glutinous rice, pearl delight, stewed, traditional, traditional pudding, sweet dumplings, cheese cakes, Taiwanese shaved ice, toasts. The menu also includes special drinks, black/green/oolong teas, milk teas, smoothies, fresh juice, slushies, soups, appetizers and entrees. 

What’s Up and Coming? The restaurant is currently open for business and will be announcing their grand opening soon.

Type: Full service restaurant and you can also order off the menu for take-out.




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