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Published April 11, 2016 at 9:19 pm


When it comes to dining, Mississauga has a wide range of restaurants that caters to a diverse set of palates and we are seeing a trend in quick-service style restaurants. 

“Let’s face it; sometimes you just want something quick and fresh-to-order to fix your hunger when it strikes. How about a two minute pizza?” 

Pannizza is a new quick-service franchise which originated in Quebec that offers customizable personal-sized pizza’s and baked paninis. The 11-inch personal pizza, paninis and pizza crust salad bowls take just over two minutes to bake. You can choose from a large selection of ingredients to build your own from the kind of toppings right down to the kind of dough you’d like. 

Mississauga is a hotspot for a lot of restaurant “firsts in the GTA” and Pannizza’s very first Ontario location opened its doors in along Dixie Rd. (check out the map and location details in link below). According to the website there are seven more locations “opening soon” all within the GTA. 

The Menu: You can choose from a set menu or build your own pizza, baked panini and salad (served in a pizza crust bowl) in just five steps. It reminds me of Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80’s that offered slew of possibilities, except these ones are edible…mmm! 

The dough options include white, multigrain, thin crush and gluten free for the pizza and white or whole wheat for the panini. There are ten sauces (i.e. pesto basil, alfredo, mesquite BBQ, dijon mustard); eighteen veggies and garnishes (i.e. artichoke hearts, arugula, Italian tomatoes, shallots, marinated eggplants, roasted red peppers); ten proteins (i.e. bacon, meatballs, pulled pork, smoked meat, steak, chicken) and six kinds of cheeses (i.e. asiago, bocconcini, soy, mozzarella) to choose from. 

The set menu also includes a variety of premium, signature and classic pizzas, premium and signature paninis and desserts. 

Philly Panini


Patio: No

Licensed: No

Type of Restaurant: Quick service

Delivery: No

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