New Openings: New Seoul Korean Restaurant

Published March 2, 2015 at 11:38 pm


New Seoul Restaurant didn’t waste any time taking over the space formerly occupied by the Ben Thanh Viet Thai restaurant located in ‘The Chase’ plaza along Eglinton Ave. Remnants of the old resto’s sign still exist and the space hasn’t undergone any renovations from what I can tell.

One difference is a section of the restaurant located to the right side of the main entrance that has been opened up (it was previously off limits and blocked off by a room divider) to seat large parties and um, tourists. 

The owners of New Seoul are a local Mississauga couple who previously owned and operated Arirang Korean BBQ restaurant, which was known as a tourist destination for a variety of Korean tour group operators and was also known for having some of the best Korean food in Canada. 

Five years into the business, the owners decided to sell Arirang to take a break from the tiresome restaurant industry. However, it didn’t take them long to get back into the business (approximately a year) of serving high-quality Korean food and something that sets them apart from the others, as claimed by the restaurant manager. 


Unique for: Korean fine dining without fine dining prices

Signature Dish: Hot Pot Stew for Two have gained popularity in the short time they have been open, so they are looking to expand the offerings on this section of the menu

The menu includes a few Japanese dishes but the main focus is on Korean dishes, some of which include Galbi – grilled prime beef ribs marinated in house made Korean BBQ; Japchae – a glass noodle dish stir fried with beef and vegetables in a sesame-soy sauce; Seafood Pajun – savory Korean style pancake made with green onions and assorted seafood; and Gam Ja Tang – spicy pork bone soup with meat, vegetables and potatoes.

What to try: New Seoul Boodae Jungol is an elaborate hot pot stew made for two that is based on a Korean dish called Budae Jjigae. It literally translates to “army stew.” It originated just after the Korean War when food was scarce. The dish is a tasty and seemingly unusual combination of a traditional spicy Korean soup mixed with US ingredients such as Spam, hot dogs and ham. The Americans brought the strange canned, gelatinous meat to many countries – do a search on Spam recipes and you’ll find some from Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines. New Seoul’s version of the army stew includes pork belly, kimchi, tofu, rice cakes vegetables and ramen noodles.

Why Mississauga? It’s their hometown

What’s Up and Coming? Possible menu changes to cater to their customer base

Seats: 150+

Patio: No

Liscensed: Yes

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