New Openings: King Paan – Dixie

Published April 9, 2016 at 2:34 am


King Paan opened their second Mississauga location in a small plaza across Rockwood mall along Dixie Rd. (they have three locations total). The Halal snack shop is most known for making Indian and Pakistani snacks, paan and selling Indian and Pakistani brands of candies. 

The history of King Paan stems back to the 5 and 10 area and you can read more on the history and other Mississauga location here.

Proprietor, Salman Hasan explains that this location is predominantly set up as a take-out shop for quick snacks and he’s introduced three bun kebabs (Indian/Pakistani burger) varieties to the menu. The chapli bun kebab is a ground beef patty made with a variety of spices. The shami bun kebab is a beef and lentil patty seasoned with coriander, ginger, garlic and other spices and it’s recommended to add the fried egg option to this version. Lastly, the aloo bun kebab is a vegetarian bun kebab made of a potato patty spiced with coriander, green chili, onions, crushed chili and a variety of other spices.

I tried both the shami and aloo bun kebab’s and both patties are softer than a traditional meat patty that’s extremely flavourful. It’s the perfect snack size and it was dressed with a special sauce, mayo and ketchup.

Food Menu: Bun kababs, pani puri (a bite sized crunchy snack enjoyed at street side vendors in India that’s basically a crunchy puff pastry ball filled with chickpeas, house made tamarind sauce, spices, chaat, masala and house made seasoned water and has a mix of spicy, savoury and sour flavours). You can also find ice gola (snow cone with rose syrup, ice cream syrup, orange syrup and condensed milk), khasmiri chai (a rose tea), mango shakes (mango pulp with soft serve ice cream), lassi (sweetened or salted yogurt drink) and kulfi (Indian/Pakistani style popsicle).

What’s Up and Coming? More snacks such as fried Pakistani style fish. Two more locations are on the map (Milton and Mississauga west). Late night summer hours will start soon.

Seats: This location is primarily a take-out spot but there will be a couple of tables and chairs added soon.
Patio: Outdoor seating and tables will be added soon.
Licensed: No

Type of Restaurant: Fast food

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