New Openings: Kenzo, Mississauga’s Ramen Spot


Grand Opening: Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 

Unique for: Kenzo is the first ramen dedicated restaurant to set up shop in Mississauga. Everything is made in-house - the broth is stewed for 24 hours, noodles are made fresh 24 hours in advanced, and the special sauces are fermented for 3 months. 

Concept: Japanese noodle house dedicated to making house-made ramen.

Ramen Defined: Ramen is Japan's national dish which is a Japanese broth consisting of Japanese noodles and garnished with various toppings which can include a boiled egg, vegetables, roasted pork, fish paste and seaweed.

Accolades: Kenzo was the first Japanese noodle house in Toronto, established in 2003, and is on numerous best rated ramen lists in Toronto. 

Menu: Mostly ramen, a few Donburi dishes and Japanese appetizers.

Why Mississauga: Chef/Owner Chris Cho immigrated to Mississauga from Korea 3 years ago and worked at two of the Toronto locations before launching his own. Outside of Sauga being his home, when compared to the other Toronto locations, he wanted to situate his restaurant in an area that is easy to get to, and has a lot of parking so that his customers can take their time and enjoy their meal.

Seats: 40 

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