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FML is the by far the funniest restaurant name in Mississauga which is sure to make passersby do a double take of the resto's sign. It's not what you're thinking - it stands for Fork My Life, a new restaurant concept opening up in Port Credit on Thursday, September 17th. 

The acronym FML (f**k my life) originated in the social media world as lingo to express frustration. Ray Padamsey, FML's owner, had spent a week brainstorming name ideas but couldn't find one that stuck. It wasn't until the night before Padamsey's deadline to submit his restaurant's name as an official business on the brink of surrender he voiced "f**k my life".

Since Padamsey had planned on building a menu which diners can eat using a just fork or their hands, the name Fork My Life made sense and it was catchy too. Even catchier is FML's mascot - a fork named Forkarinos will be forking people in the neighbourhood with free samples and forks and stating "you've been forked". 

Padamsey is a local resident and Saugaboy left his career as a corporate investigator to get back to doing what he loves most - cooking. As a single dad, he spent a lot of time cooking for his four children and now that they're all grown up, he decided in June of this year to make a move and found the perfect spot in Port Credit (a neighbourhood he loves) which used to be the old Bamboo Legend.

The place has been gutted and renovated with what he calls a Miami beach vibe using Miami blue on the exterior of the building and green, white and black on the interior. The walls are adorned with old black and white photographs of Port Credit they were able to find and the front window is a garage door that opens up, perfect for the summer months. 

Concept: Fresh and made-to-order dishes using local ingredients and local suppliers. 

Unique for: Smoked meats - Padamsey smokes whole turkeys for twenty hours, pulled pork for nine hours, and beef brisket for 16 hours on-site for his Panini sandwiches

Signature Dish: Beef ribs

Food Menu: The menu includes a few breakfast dishes, Panini sandwiches, wrap, burger, french fries, lamb sliders, and salads.

What's Up and Coming? Patio in the front and back of restaurant in 2016, a custom made smoker which can hold more meat and new menu items.


Patio: Not yet

Licensed: No

Breakfast dish: Cranberry foccacia french toast with bananas carmelized in a brown butter rum sauce and a side of Waffle sticks topped with strawberry sauce, maple syrup. 

Veggie Panini with grilled eggplant, zucchini, red and green peppers, and red onion, topped with garlic aioli and mozzarella on ciabatta bread.

FML Burger is a 60/40 split (brisket/chuck) made with a blend of spices and smashed on a flat top grill.


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