New Openings: Dunk'n Dip


Concept: Lounge style dessert spot 

Unique for: Four large chocolate fountains in milk, white, dark and caramel chocolate for chocolate fondue platters. 

Menu: Desserts - gelato, cheesecake, cookies, crepes, waffles, and cookies. Savory foods - hot wraps of chicken, beef, or veggies. Drinks - coffee, specialty coffees, loose leaf teas, and smoothies. 

Dunk’n Dip name origin:
A twist on an Arabic phrase which invites people to eat, dig in, and share in the meal. 

Why Port Credit:
This part of Mississauga fit the concept and it felt right. 

Seats: 25

Other locations: This is the first location, and a second location is opening in a few months in Toronto.
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