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Anyone is who anyone knows that trampolines are amazing. I don’t think I’ve jumped on one since 2007 and I miss it at least every other day. Fortunately for all of us, there’s a new trampoline place that offers more than colourful bouncy tarps. Air Riderz, which opened in March, offers attendees of all ages copious jumping, climbing, and sliding opportunities as well as a place to play dodgeball and basketball. 

We recently chatted with Lexie Ward, an event planner with Air Riderz, about everything the facility has to offer.

1) How long has Air Riderz been around? Have you officially opened? Is the Mississauga facility your first? 

Air Riderz Trampoline Park opened on March 14, 2015. We are planning to open new parks within the GTA and Ontario in the near future. 

2) Who founded the company? How did he or she come up with the concept? 

Rohit Dewan, owner of Air Riderz, was inspired by a family trip to a Texas Trampoline Park and he thought Mississauga needed one as well. 

He said, "my children didn't want to leave after hours of jumping. They were engaging, active and expunging a ton of physical activity. Something that can be lacking in today's digital world". So the journey began and Air Riderz, the first Canadian branded Trampoline Park, was opened. With trampoline parks becoming more and more popular, Rohit was looking for that extra "oomph" to bring Air Riderz to the next level, and the Climb Zone was born.  

 3) What made you decide to open a location in Mississauga? 

Mississauga is the ideal location to bring the ultimate jump and climb experience together. People will learn the different aspects of sport through our facility. We offer dodgeball and a climb zone. Mississauga has a wonderful community and family base. 

4) How has the buzz surrounding your Sauga opening been? How have you been getting the word out? How has the response in the community been? 

People who come into the facility have great things to say about it - it's new, it's fresh, it's bright, it's spacious and it offers something different than a typical trampoline park. The vibrant coloured trampolines with our new Climb Zone have everyone talking.  We've been doing a lot of promotions on social media and we're starting to attend big festivals and events in the community. Since we've opened, our demand for birthday party packages, school events and corporate events is greater than we could have ever expected. Guests can see that we are a family, teen and child-friendly facility and welcome everyone to participate without prejudice.  

 5) What are some major safety issues that people should be aware of before coming to Air Riderz? 

Trampolining and climbing activities have an inherent risk like any other sporting activities. Participants should be aware of their personal health limitations and/or injuries and use their judgement accordingly. We strongly advise that those who are pregnant, have serious heart conditions or other health limitations enjoy the entertainment while relaxing at our lounge area with big screen televisions. Participants are not to be under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or medications that may impair their physical activities or judgment.  

Trampolines have been given a bad rap in recent years because of all the backyard trampoline injuries that have come about. At Air Riderz, court monitors are stationed in areas to ensure everyone is following facility rules and attempting skills within their ability. Trampolines are slippery, but to reduce the risk of injury we require all of our participants to wear our Air Riderz anti-slip socks. We require all participants to have a valid waiver on file. Those under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  

6) What rules and regulations should people be aware of before or while visiting your facility? 

Participants are to follow Air Riderz staff instructions at all times. Jumpers must remove any sharp objects or jewelry from their person to reduce the risk of injury or the tear of trampoline mats. Each participant must remain on their own trampoline and be aware of their surroundings to avoid possible collisions. We ask everyone to keep cell phones, cameras or similar equipment off the trampolines. To reduce the risk of injury, participants should not attempt any tricks they are not trained to do and should never land on the head or neck. In some cases, we may separate jumpers by size, based on capacity, for each jumper's safety. 

For Climb Zone, all participants must wear harness and abide by Climb Zone monitors at all times. There is only one person on a challenge at a time. Participants must be clipped in to the vertical challenge by Air Riderz staff. 

7) Who is your major demographic? Predominantly families and children? Do you sometimes have older participants? 

If you can walk, you can bounce - that's our motto when it comes to the little ones. Air Riderz offers specific Toddler Time for ages 3-5 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Jumping around isn't just for kids though - we also offer an adult dodgeball league on Thursday nights (ages 16+) and Airobix Trampoline Fitness Classes. We will soon be offering Teen Nights on Fridays for teens to let loose after a long week of school. Air Riderz is also the ideal place to host kid's birthday parties, team parties, school groups and corporate events.  

8) How do you set yourself apart from other trampoline places? Is there anything special or unique that makes you stand out? 

It isn't just trampolining - it's not just trampoline dodgeball, Slam Dunk Basketball or flipping into a foam pit either. Air Riderz has a one-of-a-kind Climb Zone with innovative climbing walls and vertical challenges. You can race a friend to the top of our Face-Off Rock Wall or climb up and jump off our two-story Pole Walk. Kids at heart can test their inner daredevil with our 24-foot Giant Slide. Air Riderz is all about having fun and getting your energy level to a place of euphoria. 

Along with our Climb Zone, our Jump Zone features vibrant coloured trampolines (not seen anywhere else in Ontario) to add to the energy and fun at our park. We also offer bright and spacious party rooms for birthday parties and corporate events. Air Riderz can combine two rooms into a HUGE party room for up to 80 people. 

9) Do you have group packages or discounts? If so, what are they? 

We offer a variety of event and group packages for 10 or more people. If you're looking for an hour or two of fun, groups can book a jump or jump and climb package. Birthday parties, team parties and corporate packages include access to our spacious party rooms, trampolines, Climb Zone, catering for all our guests and a personal party host. 

10) What is your pricing?

Jump Zone Access
$8 for 30 minutes
$13 for 1 hour
$18 for 2 hours 

Jump & Climb Zone Access
$16 for 1 hour
$20 for 2 hours 

Giant Slide
$3 for one thrilling drop, or $5 for two thrilling drops 
Air Riderz Mandatory anti-slip socks are $2/pair 

*All prices before taxes

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