New Openings: 17 Steak House and Bar

Published August 31, 2015 at 3:02 pm


A Vegas-style game changer will open up in Mississauga on Monday August 31, 2015 at 5 pm. 17 Steakhouse and Bar is by far the most impressive new opening of 2015 (and there are only a few months left).

(Cover photo: US Prime T-Bone 25 oz topped with seared foie gras)

Millions were spent redesigning the majestic 32,000 sq. ft. space filled with over the top features such as a gorgeous oversized fresh water aquarium filled with a colourful array of African cichlid fish that’s visible from both the main bar and one of the two private dining rooms. The extraordinary space has soaring ceilings, numerous enormous chandeliers throughout a dining area that is filled with natural light during the day and a sizeable, dimly lit bar and lounge area that’s perfect for a pre or post dinner drink. 

The menus light up, as they are equipped with LED backlights. The rechargeable menus are one of many conversation pieces and they’re the first of their kind in Canada. While they’re certainly impressive, the resto’s features don’t stop there. The tables are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that solves the number one dining pet peeve – wobbling. 

The upper level is reserved for private events such as weddings, conventions and corporate functions and can seat up to 500 people. An enormous chandelier takes up the entire centre portion of the space, making it a stunning focal point in the room (seen in photo below).

It also has the best women’s washroom in the city. The restroom is handicap accessible (as is the entire restaurant) and is painted in Ralph Lauren gold. It also boasts Swarovski crystal-lined faucets and features the best bathroom selfie wall in all of Mississauga – a gold mirrored mosaic wall. This place is intense! 

Proprietors and brothers Victor and Colin McCullough (a chef by trade) have been in the food biz for over 25 years and have owned a number of food establishments, including The Belfast Lounge Irish Pub (which is #1 Irish Pub on our top 5 list) located in the same plaza as 17 Steakhouse off of Dixie Rd. near Eglinton. 

The grandiose restaurant is ambitious, but both Victor and Colin are without a doubt ready to offer the “ultimate dining experience where service is top priority.”  Victor has noticed that, over the years, the industry’s service standards have been on a decline, taking away from the entire dining experience. He wanted to create a place that revives “the whole experience (from service to food quality) on a large scale to cater to everyone.” 

“It doesn’t matter whether you order a $39 or $500 bottle of wine; we plan to cater to each diner the same way,” he says.  

Why Mississauga? “Mississauga has been crying for this kind of place, and there’s nothing else that will compare to it in Mississauga. There are a number of top Fortune 500 companies right here in the city, and we’ve built a place that can also cater to their needs.”  

Unique for: Changing the steak house food scene in Sauga. 

Concept: Steak house focus with options on the menu to cater to everyone. 

Food Menu: The menu includes a number of U.S., Ontario and Alberta prime cuts of beef, including the tenderloin, strip loin, prime T-bone, porterhouse and tomahawk. You will also find Japanese A5 wagyu and a reasonably priced American flat iron wagyu at $40 for 8 oz. Other options include oysters, ahi tuna, seared scallops, tempura shrimp, fish options, salads, duck confit, bison tenderloin, risotto, chicken, braised back ribs, charcuterie board, calamari and a seafood tower. 

Drink Menu: The 100 + extensive wine list range from $39 to $2000. You can also start the night off with a cocktail. 

Chef: Neil Patterson, formerly of Jacob’s Steakhouse.

What’s Up and Coming? Website and patio. 

Type: Full service, fine-dining.

Seats: 300 

Patio: Yes, opening 2016. 

Licensed: Yes 

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Australian Lamb Rack – honey Dijon pecan crust, roasted root vegetables


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