A popular superstore known for its vast selection of goods and affordable prices recently announced that it's opening a brand new location in Mississauga.

A chic new casual dining resto with the slogan "Stay Hungry/Stay Foolish" is opening its doors this month in Mississauga.

Good news, bubble tea fans!

Canadian-born music chain Sunrise Records is making good on its promise to start expanding into vacant HMV spaces and recently announced that it's going to set up shop in Square One.

Gone are the days when the traditional office was a bleak, white, windowless rectangle of cubicles.

Diners who enjoy cooking and grilling meat at their tables have one more restaurant option outside of hotpot and Korean BBQ (not that there's anything wrong with either of those restos!).

Although Mississauga has a handful of dine-in and take-out Mexican restos, they don't dominate the food landscape the same way, say, burger and big box establishments do.

Looking for something a little different to do—perhaps over this long weekend?

While Mississauga is in no way bereft of filling, flavourful Indian cuisine served by some very fine restaurants, there's always room for one (or two, three or four) more.

It's been a tough week for customers at Erin Mill Fitness, the sizeable and popular gym located on Millcreek Drive.