Although Mississauga has a handful of dine-in and take-out Mexican restos, they don't dominate the food landscape the same way, say, burger and big box establishments do.

Looking for something a little different to do—perhaps over this long weekend?

While Mississauga is in no way bereft of filling, flavourful Indian cuisine served by some very fine restaurants, there's always room for one (or two, three or four) more.

It's been a tough week for customers at Erin Mill Fitness, the sizeable and popular gym located on Millcreek Drive.

If you can't get enough Mediterranean food (and who can blame you if you can't), you are in luck—a brand new Mediterranean restaurant (and a halal one, no less) has opened its doors in Mississauga.

When a restaurant closes, two reactions are typical.

If you've been looking for a novel way to relax, we have absolutely fantastic news for you—Float Mississauga has just opened its doors in Port Credit.

When one door closes, another one opens, as they say…or in this case, a restaurant.

While there's always been heated discussions about immigration and its incredible impact on a country that's, well, made up of millions of immigrants, talk about newcomers has never been more charg

While Mississauga often welcomes new restaurants to the fold, some newcomers still manage to surprise diners looking for new options—especially when they’re serving a cuisine that feels rare despi