New Mississauga program will make crossing street safer for pedestrians


Published August 29, 2022 at 12:46 pm

New Mississauga program will make crossing street safer for pedestrians

A new Mississauga street-crossing pilot program is expected to increase safety for older pedestrians and others who face challenges in making their way across the road at busy intersections.

The program, Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI), is being set up at the Lakeshore Rd./Stavebank Rd. intersection.

Essentially, the LPI program, which is being used by many municipalities across Canada and the U.S., gives pedestrians the chance to enter the crosswalk at an intersection three to seven seconds before vehicles are given a green light.

So, pedestrians can then better establish their presence in the crosswalk before vehicles have priority to turn right or left.

“LPI is a traffic signal timing feature that gives pedestrians a head start into the crosswalk before the light turns green for vehicles,” City of Mississauga officials said today (Aug. 29) on social media in introducing the initiative. “LPIs can help reduce conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers at intersections.”

City officials add that LPIs also:

  • allow drivers to see pedestrians more clearly
  • are helpful to those who may take longer to cross the crosswalk
  • help keep the most vulnerable road users safe

The LPI initiative is part of the City’s Vision Zero program, which seeks to eventually eliminate traffic-related deaths on Mississauga’s roads.

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