New Made-to-Measure Menswear Store Open in Mississauga


Published January 30, 2017 at 6:07 pm


When it comes to retail, it feels like we hear about women’s and unisex stores just a little more frequently.

That said, it doesn’t mean new and exciting stores exclusively for men don’t open up and continue to change conversations around fashion.

Recently, made-to-measure menswear store Surmesur opened its doors in Port Credit in Mississauga and it’s been setting itself apart by offering customers custom-made and fitted attire that’s both, in the brand’s words, “accessible and affordable.”

“We outfit all men from head to toe in custom menswear–shirts, coats, pants, jackets, neckties, bow ties, cufflinks, etc.,” says Michael Bourguignon, PR and communications with the Quebec City-based Surmesur. “Surmesur gives an experience. You can see all the swatches of the 8000+ fabrics we have to choose from. You can make a shirt or a pair of chinos or a full suit.”

As for how it works, the business model is similar to that of Indochino, another Canadian-born company that also specializes in made-to-measure menswear. When the customer walks into the shop, he can essentially create his own outfit (be it a formal suit or something more casual) by selecting his preferred fabrics and deciding on a style.

“We have style consultants who are really passionate about menswear,” explains Bourguignon. “We’ll guide people through the process of selecting all those fabrics. You can choose your cuff, collar, buttons, colour of thread, cut, everything. After that, specialists take measurements. Within four or six weeks, the clothing comes back. You go in for a fitting and alterations can be done free of charge.”

The clothing, made by a supplier in China, comes in at various price points. In terms of costs, Bourguignon says shirts start at $75 and suits start at $475. If you’re in the market for something higher end, shirts can go up to $150 and suits can be $2,000-$3,000. You can get ties for $45.

When asked why the brand, which was started by two Quebec City brothers who wanted to provide consumers with a store that they themselves would shop at, has expanded to Mississauga (it already operates standalone locations in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Laval, Pittsburgh and Chicago and a handful of in-store locations in other cities), Bourguignon said that suburban shoppers who frequented the Toronto location wanted something a little more local.

“We wanted to open a retail space outside of the downtown core. We were already there and we want to be where the customers are. Customers wanted a suburban store, specifically in Mississauga. Now, they can purchase made to measure clothing in their area,” he says.

As far as response goes, Bourguignon says the Port Credit (and Mississauga in general) community has welcomed the 1,400 square foot store with enthusiasm.

“We’ve received a really warm welcome and we’re really happy about it. Clients were asking for it. When construction started back in April, the coming soon signage prompted a lot of questions. We put so much emphasis on the Surmesur experience and how customers are treated when they walk through the door.”

In terms of special services, the brand–and the Mississauga location–offer VIP shopping packages for wedding parties. The company can also produce branded clothing for companies, so it’s worth a look if you’re hoping to create a mass of logo shirts or jackets.

The shop also offers an on-the-road service for people who need made-to-measure wear and cannot make it into the shop (although you may want to call ahead to determine if you’re eligible for this service).

If you purchase an outfit from Surmesur and want to buy additional pieces, you can do so without having to return to the store for another fitting.

“We use a software program called The Studio that lets you create your clothing. This lets you do further shopping online from the comfort from your home. You do have to go in to be measured first,” he says.

To learn more about The Studio and the Surmesur brand, click here

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