New Hot Pot Restaurant Opens in Mississauga

Published September 28, 2016 at 7:16 pm


Morals Village is one of the few hot pot restaurants that recently opened its doors in Mississauga. 

The space is grand and the Asian inspired décor is modern which includes wood panelling and high ceilings and pop and dance music playing throughout the resto. It’s a fun spot to dine with friends! 

Every seat is equipped with its own stove top and I was told that they can seat over 200 people. Both sides of the restaurant are almost mirror images of one another with a self-serve sauce and garnish station which includes over 12 options such as spicy sauce, green onion, preserved bean curd, sesame oil and garlic and vinegar. 

I arrived at the new restaurant 10 minutes to closing (10 pm) on a Tuesday night and the staff were more than accommodating to allow me to dine in. The service was extremely attentive and I was walked through how to navigate the menu. 

The all you can eat (AYCE) menu includes a selection of fourteen different broths. I was told that their exclusive spicy soupbase (it has 8 chili peppers that denote the heat level) is the most popular soup base on the menu. I can definitely handle heat but wasn’t feeling it that night (I will try it another time though) so I opted for their pork bone soup base. 

Once I chose my soup base, I scoured the rest of the menu which includes a huge list of ingredients that you are to cook yourself in the soup on your personal stovetop. There are over 70 ingredients to choose from such a variety of meat, fish, vegetables, noodles, animal innards, soy products and seafood.

This style of dining is communal; it’s the epitome of what food does – brings people together and encourages conversation (while you wait for your ingredients to cook). It’s also some serious comfort food with a hot soup base, flavourful sauces, and nourishing ingredients. It’s definitely enjoyable solo however much better when there are others to share the experience with.

Morals Village currently has four locations going on five. This is the only one in Mississauga. The first location was in Markham, then Toronto, next Waterloo and up and coming Ottawa. 

The restaurant is currently cash only until they get their machines set up and the hours weren’t posted but on that particular night it was open at 4 pm to 10 pm. The website is currently not available in English, but it looks like they are working on it. 

What’s Up and Coming? Possibly opening for lunch soon and offering sukiyaki menu for lunch. Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish of sliced meat and vegetables which slowly simmer in a Japanese-style hot pot.

Seats: 200+
Patio: No 
Licensed: No 
Type of Restaurant: Full service hot pot dining

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