New Hamilton sandwich shop is also creative hub for local artists


Published May 13, 2021 at 12:36 pm

Hamilton has a new sandwich shop and its offerings are truly works of art.

That’s My Jam Sandwiches, located at 51 King William St. in downtown Hamilton opened its door to the public on Wednesday (May 12) after much anticipation.

The shop was originally slated to open in the Fall of 2020 but the pandemic forced the delayed opening.

The shop specializes in gourmet fruit fusion sandwiches but that is a small part of what the Jam team will be contributing to the community.

The owners hope to not only fill the bellies of Hamiltonians, but also engage their hearts and minds by making That’s My Jam Sandwiches a hub of creativity and a platform for local artists to share their work.

The shop’s bright, bold space be used to celebrate and display the talent of and works by local creatives, but the people making your sandwiches are part of the local arts community.

“An important part of our core values to promote creativity and to encourage others to share their art,” the Jam team said in one of their social media posts.

“Artists helping artists…find more opportunities to shine is what we’re all about.”

There are plans in the works to launch an online store, but for now, That’s My Jam’s bread and butter, so to speak, will focus on their truly unique saucy, fruit-infused sandwiches.

The shop is now open for take-out only and the menu can be found on the That’s My Jam Sandwiches website and give them a follow on social media for the most up to date news on the shop.

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