New French Bakery Opens First Mississauga Location

Published September 19, 2018 at 2:39 pm


When people think of the perfect morning, they often think of a bright European-style cafe that serves perfect coffee, decadent pastries and fresh bread.

Now, an authentic French bakery is bringing that satisfying, indulgent experience to Mississauga.

Les Moulins La Fayette, a popular Quebec-based bakery and catering company with locations across La Belle Province and Ontario (and even one in Miami, Fla.), has just opened a brand new bakery in Mississauga. It is located at the corner of Eglinton Ave. West and The Chase in the bustling (and growing) Erin Mills neighbourhood just east of Erin Mills Town Centre.

Les Moulins La Fayette has been serving customers for more than 20 years and the Mississauga bakery is the 20th location. In fact, Johnny Jeulin, the founder of the company, is a fifth generation baker who came to Quebec from France in 1989.

Jeulin, who is also a pastry cook, chocolate maker and member of the Association des pâtissiers du Québec, has amassed a dedicated following since establishing Les Moulins La Fayette in 1994 by skilfully blending French and Quebec culture together. The brand has won numerous awards, including the Gala d’excellence de la vallée de St-Sauveur for two years in a row.

While Les Moulins La Fayette has been growing and opening more highly-anticipated cafes in Canada, the newest location is its first and only one in Mississauga–and it has taken shape in a convenient, centrally-located space with ample parking.

“Mississauga is a very diverse city and Les Moulins La Fayette offers an authentic French taste that appeals to that diverse clientele. We have had very positive feedback from the neighbourhood,” says Cecille Rizkalla, owner and operating manager of the bakery’s Mississauga location.

As far as the menu goes, the cafe offers a plethora of indulgent treats that are ideal for any time of the day. Some choice offerings include various breads (French, whole wheat, sourdough, grain, white, organic, brioche and more), baguettes, cakes, croissants, Danishes, muffins, sandwiches, feuillete, and quiches.  They also have a French inspired calzone made with puff pastry and filled with pepperoni and cheese. 

The cafe is also perfect for an espresso fix.

“For coffee, we carry the elegant brand AGGA and we serve coffee, teas, espresso, cappuccino, and lattes,” Rizkalla says.

As for what sets the bakery apart, Rizkalla says the authentic French bakery (one that truly offers a distinct taste of Quebec and France to its customers) has stood the test of time because of its high quality products. The decadent and delicious goods are baked using both traditional and artisanal methods, and all of the ingredients are chosen with care.

“Our cakes and pastries are very high in quality and very distinct in the market. Our lunch sandwiches, such as the Morning Star, are very popular as well,” Rizkalla says.

Beyond that, Les Moulins La Fayette also offers a warm and pleasant atmosphere and memorable, original decor.

While the Mississauga location has only been open for a short time, the enthusiastic response has shown Rizkalla what she has known all along–that there is a great demand for a European-style cafe in the heart of one of the GTA’s biggest cities.

It is definitely a nice touch of French flair to add to the neighbourhood.

“We know there’s a need for a bakery in general, and a French one. And our quality distinguishes us,” she says.

Rizkalla says that they will offer 10% off for seniors every day and various specials for students. They are also working on increasing their breakfast menu on the weekends.   

Diners can also contact Les Moulins via email at [email protected]

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