New Filipino Joint Opens in Mississauga


If you like to sample Mississauga’s array of multicultural cuisine on the reg -and who doesn’t, with such an incredible range of options?- then we’ve got some good news for fans of Filipino food.

And it’s a double-whammy.

Halo Halo Foods has opened, and guess what’s on the menu?

All-day breakfast (you’re welcome).

If the name kind of rings a bell, it’s because it was known as Halo Halo World Cafe before shuttering in 2015.

Halo Halo Foods opened on June 1.

Here’s what’s new: the location on Fewster Dr., management, and the menu.

What’s familiar: it’s the same owner.

The menu boasts everything from Longonisa Sausage (with a buttery bun and garlic rice) for brekkie to Crackling Pork, Fish and Chips, pork burgers, and an Adobo chicken sandwich with great-grandma’s recipe, complete with pickled papaya.

There’s also poutine, a beef empanada, and for dessert, Halo Halo (obviously), plus milkshakes (including one with Oreos).

All items are under $12.

Sounds like the perfect place to grab breakfast (for lunch)!

Photo courtesy of Halo Halo Foods

Halo Halo Foods

1085 Fewster Drive, Mississauga, Ontario

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