New email Netflix scam hits Mississauga, Brampton and Hamilton


Published January 25, 2023 at 2:05 pm


A new email scam is circulating in Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and beyond with the sender purporting to be Netflix and warning the service is cut.

The email with the Netflix logo states the customer’s payment was not received.


“We were unable to validate your billing information for the next billing period of your subscription,” the message says. “Therefore, your subscription will be inactive if we don’t receive a response from your [sic] within 48hour(s).”

There are several grammar errors such as random upper and lower case letters, which should raise suspicions, however, some people still may fall for this scam.

netflix scam mississauga

The next red flag is Netflix states on their website that they will never ask you to enter your personal information in a text or email.

“Did you receive an email or text (SMS) requesting your Netflix account email, phone number, password, or payment method?” Netflix writes. “If so, it probably did not come from us.”

Netflix won’t ask customers to send credit or debit card numbers, bank account details or Netflix passwords over email or text message.

They don’t request payment through a third party vendor or website. If the text or email links to a URL that you don’t recognize, don’t tap or click it. If you did already, do not enter any information on the website that opened.

“Scammers can’t get information from you unless you give it to them,” Netflix says. “So don’t click any links in the messages or reply to them.”

If you did provide information to scammer, change your Netflix password to a new one that is strong and unique to Netflix.

Update your password on any websites where you use the same email and password combination.

And contact your bank if you entered any payment information, as it may have been compromised.

Visit the Netflix phishing information page for more information.

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