New Condo Could Take Over Part of Busy Plaza in Mississauga


Over the past few months (years, really), Mississauga has been the recipient of a slew of exciting new condo developments that will provide residents with more affordable (or slightly more affordable, to be fair) housing options.

Some will be vast and ambitious (M City) and others will boast more modern and artistic facades (The Cooksville Maze).

Others, such as a 27-storey developed proposed for the Grand Park area, will add more residential options to the condo-heavy area.

The only potential problem? It will be located in what is currently a commercial plaza and could displace select retail operations.

The city recently hosted an informal public meeting regarding a condo that's been proposed for the current Shoppers Drug Mart site (so within the existing retail plaza) at 3900-3890 Grand Park Drive. Initially, the proposed structure was set to boast 32 storeys, 321 units and ground floor retail space.

Now, the proposal has been tweaked and the structure is slated to be 27 storeys instead.

While many local residents might be worried about losing the entire plaza, there's no need to worry about a massive demolition.

"The application has been reduced from a 32 storey building to a 27 storey residential building with retail commercial uses on the ground floor," Ward 7 Councillor Nando Iannicca said in an email to "The subject site is located on the far north corner of the property only - where the Shoppers Drug Mart stands today."

And although some may be upset to lose the Shoppers—it is, after all, supremely convenient for people living the area—there will be retail space located at the base of the proposed structure.

"The application was received two years ago and was presented at Planning and Development Committee over a year ago as an information report only," says Iannicca. "Following that meeting the comments received were taken into account and the height reduced.  In addition, the podium has been extended along Burnhamthorpe Road with about 16,000 square feet of retail space at ground."

Since the proposal is in its very early stages, it's impossible to say exactly how the structure will look and what impact it'll have on the overall retail space it could occupy (if it comes to pass at all). As of now, the proposal still has to undergo some checks and balances before being passed off to city council for a vote.

Whatever comes of the proposal, residents can take comfort in the fact that they won't lose all their favourite hotspots in the bustling plaza.

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