New Canadian airline delays first flight from Pearson Airport in Mississauga


Published August 16, 2022 at 12:36 pm

Canada Jetlines

A Canadian startup airline that planned to get off the ground at Pearson Airport in Mississauga this week has delayed its inaugural flight by 14 days.

Vancouver-based Canada Jetlines, a low-cost carrier that planned to begin flying travellers to a host of Canadian cities and popular vacation destinations starting yesterday (Aug. 15), now intends to make its first flight from the country’s largest airport on Aug. 29.

The airline cited regulatory and licensing challenges as the reason behind the latest delay. The carrier has been trying to get its service off the ground since 2013.

While the fledgling airline’s first flight on Aug. 29 is to Winnipeg–hardly a popular vacation destination–it also plans to offer service to various U.S. locations, the Caribbean and Mexico in addition to Canadian cities.

The airline announced in April that Pearson will serve as its primary travel hub. A month earlier, it reported that it had cleared another hurdle in getting off the ground this year.

Canada Jetlines initially formed in 2013, but it’s had trouble getting planes into the air. However, the company is confident everything is now in place for a successful summer 2022 launch and operations beyond.

Utilizing a growing fleet of Airbus320 aircraft, the new carrier plans to offer travelers a choice of favourite destinations throughout the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico and within Canada.

Company CEO Eddy Doyle said earlier this year that the airline’s partnership with Pearson Airport “…will allow us to better service both domestic and international travellers to and from Canada’s busiest airport.”

Doyle added the company also aims to strengthen the aviation industry in Mississauga, the GTA and beyond by “increasing job opportunities and economic growth in the region.”

Canada Jetlines officials said earlier that the timing couldn’t be better as the ultra-low-cost carrier will be getting off the ground in time to meet a huge demand from people looking to get away on holiday as COVID-19 restrictions have been eased or eliminated.

However, it’s also starting up service at a time when Pearson and other airports across Canada and the U.S. are facing huge challenges in moving travellers through their facilities in timely fashion.

Pearson, in particular, has been plagued in recent months with staffing and other issues that have led to cancelled and delayed flights, lost luggage, huge lineups or waits on planes, and other challenges.

Canada Jetlines’ chief commercial officer, Duncan Bureau, told PAX  magazine earlier this year that the time is right to make a successful go of it.

“I don’t think there’s been a better time in the last 20 years to start an airline, and the reason for that is obviously there’s a tremendous amount of pent-up demand and so we know that Canadians are very eager to travel,” he said.

Canada Jetlines will be offering special fares for a limited time on flights from Pearson to Moncton and Winnipeg.

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