New Brampton tourism sign could cost $40,000 in yearly maintenance


Published June 13, 2022 at 9:56 am

The City of Brampton could open up bids for a new 'tourism promotion' sign, like the mock-up pictured here. (Photo retrieved from the City of Brampton report)

Brampton is looking to install a new sign to promote tourism which could cost up to $40,000 in annual maintenance.

Following the lead of cities like Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa, Brampton could get a new sign in the southwest quadrant of Ken Whillans Square which the city says would be used for tourism promotion.

If approved, the project could cost an estimated $345,000 and would be paid for through a government grant, according to a report going to council on Wednesday (June 15).

And while the initial design, construction and promotion of the sign would come at no cost to the city, future sign upkeep and maintenance could run Brampton taxpayers some $40,000 every year.

“The cost of ongoing maintenance is estimated at $40,000 annually, which is equivalent to 0.01% on the City’s portion of the property tax bill,” the report reads. “Staff recommend that approximately $40,000 be included in the 2023 budget submission for operations and maintenance, pending Council approval.”

Brampton had a temporary tourism sign made of styrofoam for use at large events manufactured in 2017, but the sign was retired by the city after several years of wear and tear.

Staff say the previous sign “was very popular with residents and visitors based on the number of photos and selfies taken at events.”

If approved, the project would require a budget amendment for a new capital project to the tune of the estimated $345,000 initial cost for the sign,and an approximate $40,000 be included in the 2023 budget submission for operations and maintenance, pending Council approval.

Because the estimated cost of the sign is over $100,000, the city would have to open a Request for Proposals to receive bids for the project.

If given the green light by council, the sign could be on display by the end of the year or “very early in Q1 2023” depending on weather conditions, the report reads.

The report will go to city council for consideration on Wednesday.

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