New Asian Fusion Restaurant Serving Sushi Tacos Opens in Mississauga


Published November 16, 2016 at 4:37 am


Tacos have never been synonymous with Asian cuisine, but as fusion food gets hotter by the day, it’s not at all surprising–and is in fact quite delightful–to find restaurants that put their own unique cultural spin on traditional dishes from other parts of the world.

Mi’Hito Sushi Lab, another creation by the team behind the successful (and growing) Spoon and Fork brand, just opened its doors in the Courtney Park entertainment plaza in Mississauga and it’s serving customers everything from fresh Japanese take away to hearty sushi burritos to–for the first time–beautifully assembled sushi tacos.

The resto is the brand’s second foray into the quick-service arena, following closely on the heels of the recently-launched Corner by Spoon and Fork. The restaurant, situated in the former Prince Sushi location, is designed with modern sophistication in mind. The grey walls are artfully decorated with tree images, giving the establishment a vibe that’s both natural and industrial.

The space, which seats about 30 people, is full of communal tables and is augmented by high ceilings, an airy and open dining area and a buffet-style takeout counter full of fresh ingredients.

As for the menu, the distinctly modern fusion resto serves sushi burritos, ahi poke bowls, pre-made sushi and sushi tacos.

“Sushi tacos are new at this place,” says operator Minh Phung.”

Phung and his team own 10 restaurants, including Spoon and Fork, Prince Japanese Steakhouse and the aforementioned Corner. Their establishments span the GTA and they operate restos in Mississauga, Toronto, Woodbridge and Oakvllle.

As for why they’re sticking with sushi burritos (which are also a staple at Corner), Phung says it’s a trend that worth capitalizing on.

“We started to do the burrito [at Corner] and we saw it was a trend. When we started to do sushi burrito [at Corner], it was hard to find one in the GTA, but it was all over Singapore and Chicago and California.”

While Phung says the burrito is still the food most worth highlighting, the new sushi taco–which Phung’s company only serves at its Mi’Hito location–is equally as exciting.

At Mi’Hito, you can get spicy salmon, spicy tuna, lobster, unagi, beef, chicken, veggie and tempura shrimp tacos and they come with a plethora of toppings, including lettuce, corn, salsa, avocado, cabbage, green onion, tempura bits and coriander.

In terms of price, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The spicy salmon taco, for example, is absolutely overflowing with ingredients (and generous bits of tender salmon) and only costs $4.50. The lobster and unagi tacos are the priciest at $5 each, but the pricing is more than fair.

If it’s sushi burritos you’re into, you can get spicy samurai duck (smoked duck, togarashi, spring mix, cabbage, pea shoot, seaweed, roasted red peppers, mandarin orange and cucumber dill dressing), lobster roll (lobster meat, arugula, cabbage, avocado, tobiko, corn, sweet drop pepper and sweet chili orange dressing) beef kimchi (beef, lettuce, cabbage, corn, red peppers, kimchi, green onions and avocado) and more.

The burritos are a little pricier (but absolutely packed with fillings), starting at $9.99 and costing up to $13.99.

While there are other Asian restaurants in the entertainment complex, Mi’Hito does set itself apart by delivering unique goods that are distinctly on-trend. While sushi burritos have become slightly more common, it’s certainly rare to see a sushi taco.

Location: Former Prince Sushi Space
Licensed: Yes
Patio: No
Seats: Approximately 30

  1. Mi’Hito Sushi Lab
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