Needle Found in an Egg McMuffin in Mississauga McDonald’s

Published April 27, 2016 at 9:21 pm


Strange things are happening in Mississauga. We recently learned about a Square One-area theatre being evacuated because of a chemical substance incident and a frightening high school lockdown spurred by the sighting of what appeared to be a gun. 

Now, it looks like someone got an unexpected surprise in her early morning McDonald’s meal. 

A woman named Jaime McCuaig recently found a sewing needle in her McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, according to a Mississauga News article.  

She bought the sandwich at around 6 a.m. at the McDonald’s located at 930 Derry Road East on her way to work. To her displeasure, when she got to work and began to eat, there was a sharp surprise.  

“As I fished the object out, my stomach dropped as I was able to make out its shape and distinctive characteristics. I was in complete shock to find a large sewing needle in my hand,” explained McCuaig to The News. McCuiag told the newspaper that the manager didn’t offer an apology or refund when she returned to the store and that the brand’s head office was also dismissive of her unusual complaint. 

According to The News, franchisee Frank Magno is claiming this is an isolated incident and that customers shouldn’t be worried.  

This may just be a onetime thing, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for anything, as there have been a few strange events in Mississauga over the past few days.  

On Monday, April 25, Father Michael Goetz Secondary School was put under lockdown and forced to call in Peel police because of a replica firearm

The high school went into lockdown after a weapon that appeared to be a gun was spotted in the school. According to The News, thanks to “heavily-armed tactical officers and other officers,” the weapon was found.  

Despite the fact that the gun was indeed just a replica, a 15-year-old male student is facing firearms-related charges for the incident.  

Before news about the lockdown dominated conversations on’s Facebook page, the weekend got off to a rocky start. Last Friday, April 22, three movie theatres — the City Centre Cineplex, a Brampton SilverCity and a Scarborough cinema — were evacuated when a chemical substance that caused effects similar to those brought on by pepper spray started making some patrons feel ill. Peel and Toronto police are still investigating the incidents, which police suggest might have something to do with the screening of a Tamil film. 

A sewing needle in your breakfast sandwich, a replica firearm in your child’s school or pepper spray in your eyes at the movies?  

You never know what will happen when you step outside in Mississauga. 

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