My Yoga Journey


Have you ever had that feeling where you're unhappy with something and just can't figure out what it is or what you need to do about it?  After giving birth to my son I had put on some obvious baby weight.  It was summertime and nothing fit anymore tanks, shorts, skirts, and summer dresses became regulars at the back of my closet and I was determined to find a fix.  I knew there’s no quick fix, but something, ANYTHING, needed to be done or I'd look pregnant years after giving birth!

I started going to the gym, using the elliptical, treadmill and weights.  It was a good jumpstart, but, still, something was missing and I wanted more.  I ate healthy, even started a strict diet plan - however it was still not enough. 

One day, while strolling around at Square One, I overheard two women talking about "hot yoga" and how it worked wonders for their bods.  The second I got home from the mall, I went on the internet and typed in "Hot Yoga Mississauga" and remember thinking to myself, 'could this be it?'

I wanted to learn more so I did some general research on Yoga.  I discovered that "Yoga", is a Sanskrit name meaning yoke - coming from the root ruj - which meant to unite, join or attach.  Yoga involves a discipline of the mind, body and spirit.

I tried my first hot yoga class a few weeks later, and wow, did I sweat!  I never experienced a sweat like that at the gym!  I remember wiping myself down and thinking "I didn't know ear lobes or ankles could sweat like this!"  I immediately signed up for a 1 month unlimited class membership and went almost every day.  In the beginning I admit, it was tough, but after a few classes, my body was able to get used to the heat.  I found myself focusing more on the poses, tuning into my breathing and enjoying the "now."  It really was that exhilarating, yet relaxing at the same time!

I later found out there were many types of yoga classes available:  Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikrim, Ashtanga, Meditation/Breathing, Kundalini, and many more.  I eventually tried each one out within a year.

I realized any kind of Yoga will teach you many new ways to open up your body and mind.  It allows the body to flow, letting the mind release negative thoughts and appreciate the present moment.

To sum up my 6 years of practice now, I went from a post-pregnancy weight loss plan to a regular practicing yoga student, to a Yoga Instructor, and now to a Yoga Studio owner (Parivartan Mississauga Hot Yoga Studio).  Yoga filled that missing void in me.  Through yoga, I was able to achieve my greatest goals. 

I encourage anyone to give yoga a try and see how it speaks to you.  Maybe you're like me and got sick of the gym.  Maybe you want to lose a few pounds and fit into those jeans.  Maybe you're incredibly stressed out and don’t know where to get relief.  Whatever the reason is, I assure that you’ll feel better even after one class.  



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