music insauga: Waxlimbs

Published March 13, 2014 at 3:06 am


The experimental electronic music of Waxlimbs is perfect for any listener looking for music that provides an escape. Waxlimbs’ instrumental music allows for listeners to take a step back and really appreciate the ambience created by different musical sounds and textures.

 It is evident that each song has been created with a specific motif on how one sound affects the other, and in turn how this will affect the listener.

Trains is an especially delicate piece, opening with the sounds of a train passing by. The train slowly melts away as a piano softly plays under the sounds of footsteps and a man humming. Sounds associated with rain create a very subtle undertone to the rest of the piece.

Contrastingly, High Park at Midnight uses less organic sounds, and instead makes use of several different electronic elements. It is particularly interesting because while the song creates a basic atmosphere, every listener will experience this song differently and imagine new worlds.

With the help of its unassuming, modest sounds, the song almost acts as a background to the thoughts that may be manifesting in the listener’s mind. Listen to Waxlimbs’ latest full album World Makers on

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