music insauga: Trouble & Daughter


The acoustic folk rock of Trouble & Daughter can simply be described as feel good music done right. More than right, it is actually done exceptionally well.

This music makes resisting the urge to happily dance along nearly impossible.

The Warning Signs, off of their latest EP Alcohol and Nicotine, is proof of the immense talent that lies within Trouble & Daughter. The song opens with a rhythmic strum of muted guitar, followed by an uplifting, almost charming acoustic guitar riff.

Close harmonies lead into the first verse of the song, and seamlessly bring the listener into a catchy little chorus with an upbeat melodic hook. Rooftops is a light-hearted number telling a story about young love, and is ripe with simple, yet endearing lyrics.

Trouble & Daughter is the ideal band for anyone looking for some feel good music with a unique sound. For some more music, videos, and upcoming shows, check out


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