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Published August 7, 2014 at 4:28 am


For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 140 characters:

We’re a blend of Classic and Blues Rock inspired by the melodies, grooves and dynamics of bands such as the Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin and Blind Melon. We draw our influences from all music that is good which usually tends to be music dating  pre 1975 🙂 

Ten years from now musically you’ll be…

Continuing to create new music and touring the world inspiring young musicians to write and play Rock n Roll.

If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?

Tom Petty, Jack White or Fleetwood Mac. They’re all on tour at the moment. We’d love to open up for any or all of these bands.

So, what’s your favourite thing to do when you aren’t doing your music?

We are always doing music so there’s very little time left to do anything else but if we do have spare time, we tend to get together on one of Queen Streets many patios, enjoy the heat while it lasts and bar hop until we find a good live band we like and have a few more. Individually, some of us go on camping trips, International Music festivals/etc. Darren has his own Radio show on CFRE he hosts. Sasha and I are really into cooking and dining.

What is your Mississauga connection?

Darren and Jeff grew up in Mississauga and met while they were attending Iona Catholic Secondary School. Darren stays very active in the community and is a member of the Mississauga Arts Council and a part of Limelight.

What’s your favourite place in Mississauga to perform and why?

 Stone River’s favorite place to play in Mississauga is Celebration Square. We love the stage. There’s always a diverse crowd looking to hear great music and the staff always treats us very well.

Where do you draw inspiration from when you write your lyrics and what’s your favourite part about the process?

We draw our inspiration from many different sources. Including our personal lives, what goes on in the world, our feelings and extreme emotions, bands that inspire us. It’s hard to say. We love playing live but we also love the creative process of writing.  It is very exciting to stumble on a great musical idea and then further develop it

There’s nothing more rewarding than working on a piece of music, recording every little part, the lead guitars, drum bits, the harmonies and listening back to it for the first time. It’s like seeing your new born child for the first time.

Who are your favourite musicians? Why?

 I could fill this whole page with our favorite musicians but here are a few off the top of my head: Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers Band, the Rolling Stones, Blind Melon, Black Crowes, Ray Charles, Johnny Winter, Eddie Vedder, Rare Earth, Doobie Brothers, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan. Their work inspires us to create.

What are five things your band can’t live without?

5 things SR can’t live without ? Each Other, FACTOR, Sarcasm, Positivity and Vinyl

What’s the coolest gig you ever did? Why?

The coolest gig we have ever played was when we had the opportunity to open up for the mighty Black Crowes in front of a crowd of 15000+ people. It was the first time we’ve played to a crowd that size and it was a very important moment in the band’s history.

Anything you want to plug?

PLUG: Stone River has just released their much anticipated sophomore album “Euphoria and Love Sick Blues” produced by Blind Melon guitar player Christopher Thorn and engineered by Nick Blagona. They are playing Rock the Coliseum Festival on Saturday August 16.                



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