music insauga: Morning Thieves

Published April 15, 2014 at 1:07 am


The alternative rock sound of local Mississauga band, Morning Thieves literally has the ability to charm your ears and transport your mind to another place through gritty guitars, powerfully infectious melodies, and beats that are absolutely impossible not to head bang (or at least toe tap) to.

 Their EP “Wrongside” is nothing less than five songs of raw energy very eloquently honed into musically brilliant, fully developed sound. There is really nothing missing from this group. The maturity and thought processes put into their songwriting is evident in the diversity and pure feeling of their songs.

 “Wrongside,” the title track of the EP is an edgy yet lively number. Listeners will find that the powerful chorus and catchy “ah-ah’s” continue to ring in their ears long after hearing the song.  “Wrongside” opens with upbeat solo drums and a coarse but melodic guitar riff. 

Throughout the song, the energy-packed, steady bass line courtesy of Mike Appleton acts as a solid foundation. The song builds and builds, with Bryan Matthew Fligg’s strong vocals adding an anxious, energetic element that is impossible to ignore. After the bridge and a wicked guitar solo, the song quiets down to reveal silky smooth falsetto, and finally resolves with a single chord strummed on guitar at the end.

The focus then shifts from distorted guitars, and edgy melodies to an affectionate ballad filled with smooth harmonies amidst the vocalist’s sweet crooning. An instrumental arrangement that really pulls at your heartstrings backs it all up perfectly. Picture thousands of hands holding lighters and swaying to that classic 4/4 rhythm or that song that you blast in your bedroom to calm your nerves and makes you feel at home. That’s “Sweet Silhouette.” And it’s awesome.

Obviously, whether you like good ol’ rock and roll or light, romantic serenading, Morning Thieves has both, everything in between, and so much more than you could ever imagine. To take a listen to their latest EP, check out their website and follow them on twitter @MorningThieves.



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