Music insauga: Aukland

Published February 6, 2014 at 3:35 am


Music lovers (perhaps even critical music snobs) can never go wrong with the well-crafted sound of local folk rock band Aukland.

Consisting of Sean Sroka, Jeff Campana, Andrew James Thomas and Dave Setton, this talented group of “Saugians” really know how to write some musical genius. Every song they release pulls a listener’s interest right away.

Counting On You wastes no time as the song begins with an instant rhythmic hook before some flawlessly smooth vocals temporarily break the musical flow. It quickly comes together with a perfect blend of each instrument contributing to the progression of the song.

With Sroka’s velvety smooth falsetto notes crooning over the band’s catchy instrumental, the chorus is sure to remain locked in memory.

And of course it leads into a guitar solo. Seriously, what more could anyone want?

For those enthusiastic music aficionados looking for a good show, any Aukland concert is something that cannot be missed. Keep up to date with all of their adventures on, and check out some more music or watch videos on their website.

Next show:
February 15, 2014 @The Rivoli


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