Multiple flights delayed at Pearson Airport in Mississauga due to snow


The worst of the snowstorm might be over, but you should still check your flight schedule if you plan on leaving town today. 

Multiple flights into and out of Toronto Pearson Airport have been delayed or cancelled due to the unexpected amount of overnight snowfall in Toronto and the GTA.

"The winter weather isn't finished with us yet! We received more snow than expected overnight so we have extra crews to help keep runways clear. If you're flying today, check the status of your flight before leaving as delays are possible," the airport wrote on its official Twitter page. 

As of now (1:00 pm on Dec. 2) flights to Cancun, Washington, Newark, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Edmonton and other destinations are delayed. Several have been cancelled.

Multiple arriving flights have also been delayed, some by several hours.  

"Snow can sometimes cause delays due to unsafe conditions on the runways and airfield surfaces. When this happens, we work with our airline partners and NAV Canada to continue to get passengers to their destinations, even if that takes longer than usual," the airport's website reads. 

If you're travelling when snow is in the forecast, make sure to check your flight status before leaving for the airport.

To check your flight status, click here.

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