More speed bumps are coming on these roads in Mississauga


Published March 30, 2023 at 3:45 pm

Mississauga has approved a $502,000 plan to slow down speedy drivers in neighbourhoods across the city, but not all residents are on board.

The initiative, in which 15 residential streets will have speed bumps, raised crosswalks and other traffic calming measures installed in attempts to crack down on lead-footed drivers and increase pedestrian safety, received the green light from City of Mississauga council last week.

Still, a number of residents from different pockets of the city in which the traffic calming measures will be implemented say the process was not conducted in a fair manner.

Essentially, their complaints focus on what they claim are City surveys that didn’t do enough to capture more residents’ viewpoints when it comes to having speed bumps put on their streets.

Traffic calming measures will be installed on the 15 streets in wards 1, 2, 3 and 8, identified by the City as high-need areas.

The streets where traffic calming will be installed are:

  • Kendall Rd.
  • Rometown Dr.
  • Stanfield Rd.
  • Stavebank Rd. (several stretches)
  • Orr Rd. (several stretches)
  • Meadow Wood Rd. (several stretches)
  • Bonner Rd.
  • Bromsgrove Rd. (several stretches)
  • Brookhurst Rd. (several stretches)
  • Lewisham Dr. (two stretches)
  • Seagull Dr. (two stretches)
  • Constitution Blvd. (several stretches)
  • Queen Frederica Dr. (several stretches)
  • Golden Orchard Dr. (two stretches)
  • Bay Villa Ave.

City staff said that a majority of those who responded to the surveys seeking input on road safety approved of some type of traffic calming measures.

Stop signs and bollards are also included among traffic calming measures.

“Majority support was received from each community as part of the consultation process for each of the recommended traffic calming locations,” an earlier report from the City’s Transportation and Works Commissioner Geoff Wright concluded.

While input from residents is important, Mississauga officials have said that road safety is their primary consideration when determining where new traffic calming measures will be installed.

The City’s Traffic Calming Program assesses roadways for the potential installation of physical traffic calming measures, such as speed humps and raised pedestrian crossings, to address traffic safety issues.  

Officials say traffic calming measures have been implemented in many locations across Mississauga, effectively mitigating speeding and aggressive driving. 

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