More rain and muggy weather headed to southern Ontario this week


Published May 5, 2024 at 6:26 pm

Recent weeks brought a mix of chilly, warm, and sunny days, but consistent rain persisted— lingering through the weekend. This pattern seems poised to continue through the upcoming week in southern Ontario.

As of today (May 5), it’s going to be a fairly cloudy day with a 40 percent chance of rain this evening. It will also be warm with daytime temperatures sitting at 17 C. A thunderstorm is possible late in the evening, though Environment Canada has not released a weather advisory. However, the clouds will gradually clear as the night progresses, and temperatures are set to hit a low of 6 C.

Monday will begin with a sunny start. The morning will bring brisk north winds at 20 km/h, but these will taper off by midday. Residents can look forward to 20 C temperatures with a UV index reaching a very high level of 8.

According to Health Canada, individuals are asked to take extra precautions as unprotected skin can quickly burn. Anyone planning to be outside during this time is advised to avoid the sun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., seek shade, cover up, and wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. In addition, keeping water or a beverage nearby to stay hydrated is also important.

As night falls, skies will remain clear and temperature will fall to 6 C, making it one of the coolest nights of the week.

Tuesday will bring a mix of sun and clouds, offering a pleasant day with a high of 19 C. By the evening, clouds will gather, bringing a 60 per cent chance —very likely —of rain while temperatures are expected to dip to 12 C—making it the warmest night out of the whole week!

It will be mainly cloudy with sunny breaks on Wednesday. There is also a 40 per cent chance of rain at some point. The good news is that there seems to be no thunderstorm risk for the remainder of the week. Though the day could be wet and gloomy, temperatures will heat up to 23 C, making it the hottest day compared to the week! Overnight, skies will remain cloudy, bringing a 30 per cent chance of precipitation. Temperatures are expected to plummet 13 degrees to 11 C.

Meteorologists predict a predominantly cloudy Thursday, which may bring some additional rain— though the exact accumulation is unknown at this time. Temperatures will rise to 17 C, where they will remain for the greater part of the day. Heading into the night, cloudy periods will set in, with a 30 per cent probability of rain. Temperatures will also slip to a cool 8 C.

Friday seems like another day of sun and clouds with a slight 30 per cent chance of rain. Temperatures will hover around 15 degrees throughout the day. In the evening, cloudy skies are anticipated with a continued 30 per cent chance of showers, while temperatures move to a chilly 6 C.

Saturday will bring another round of sunshine and cloudy periods. Intermittent rain is also expected at a low 30 percent. Daytime temperatures will stay at 15 C before shifting to 7 C by the evening.

The following week will see a familiar pattern, featuring overcast skies, a bit of sunshine, and frequent rainfall. Daytime temperatures will range between 16 C and 19 C, while evening lows will remain steady at 9 C and 10 C.

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