More Hospital Beds are Coming to Mississauga


People worried about overcrowding in hospitals in Mississauga might be happy to hear that a major healthcare facility is about to receive close to 100 new beds for patients transitioning from inpatient to home care.

Trillium Health Partners (THP) recently announced that it was pleased with the Government of Ontario's announcement that it is making over 2,000 additional beds and spaces available to help support hospitals and regions with the highest capacity challenges in the province.

Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, recently announced the investment, which includes making more than 1,200 additional hospital beds available across Ontario.

According to the province, this funding comes as hospitals are preparing for an annual increase in demand due to the approaching flu season.

THP will receive funding for up to 99 dedicated beds to support transitional care spaces outside
of the hospital, ensuring those who no longer require care in a hospital setting can transition
safely to home or community care.

The province says it helping patients transition by:

  • Providing 207 affordable housing units for seniors who need additional community supports when they are discharged from hospital.
  • Creating 503 transitional care spaces outside of hospital for up to 1,700 patients who don’t require care in a hospital.
  • Reopening 150 beds at Humber River Hospital’s former Finch site and 75 beds at University Health Network’s former Hillcrest site to provide care for those transitioning out of hospital.

Over the coming months, THP will work in partnership with the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network (MH LHIN), West Park Healthcare Centre, Halton Healthcare and other partners to see how it "can best utilize the new funding to its growing community."

"Today's announcement is part of ongoing work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
and MH LHIN to address THP's significant capacity challenges," THP said in a statement. "THP has a multi-pronged plan to address our capacity challenges now and into the future."

THP added that, over the past year, it opened a new Complex Continuing Care unit, expanded the Credit Valley Hospital Emergency Department and received redevelopment approval to add over 500 new and 500 replacement beds at its Mississauga and Queensway hospital sites.

"We continue to develop new innovative care models to increase capacity in the medium-term,
including: the development of a Seniors' Health Campus, expanding bundled care programs, and continued partnership with Runnymede Healthcare Centre. The investment in THP announced this week will help us bridge the gap as we work towards expanding two of our hospitals in the next decade," the statement reads.

THP will gain access to the following beds to address capacity:

  • 5 new beds dedicated to THP located at West Park Healthcare Centre.
  • 72 regional beds working with local partners, which will allow THP to transfer patients
  • from one of our hospitals to the most appropriate setting.
  • 22 additional Bridges to Care beds.

THP is one of the busiest hospitals in Ontario with over 1.6 million patients' visits.

Last year THP performed 63,230 surgeries, delivered 8,634 babies and cared for 270,929 patients in its Emergency Departments (ED) and Urgent Care Centre.

The hospital has been experience higher numbers of Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients. Last year THP had an average of 166 beds that were occupied by patients who could receive care outside of the hospital.

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