More All Day Breakfast Coming to Brampton

Published January 26, 2017 at 6:27 pm

If you’re a big fan of fast food breakfast (and really, who isn’t?), we’ve got some good news for you.

If you’re a big fan of fast food breakfast (and really, who isn’t?), we’ve got some good news for you.

Canadian quick-service chain A&W just announced that it’s adding all-day breakfast to its menu.

The news is following closely on the heels of a similar announcement made by massive American-born fast food giant McDonald’s. Recently, McD’s announced that it has begun introducing all-day breakfast at a few Canadian locations.

According to A&W, all-day breakfast will join the all-day burgers the brand already offers. Breakfast offerings will include the chain’s Bacon and Egger, Sausage and Egger and Cheese and Eger sandwiches as well as the chain’s breakfast wrap.

All-day breakfast will officially launch on February 27, making A&W the first Canadian burger chain to offer diners the option of an egg-based sandwich at dinnertime.

“We take pride in listening to our guests at A&W,” said Susan Senecal, President and Chief Operating Officer, A&W, in a news release. “We found that our guests were beginning to ask us to serve breakfast in the afternoon, and we decided to try it out at 40 A&W restaurants as a test in early 2016. The response was tremendous, particularly from millennials, and we know that breakfast is something Canadians don’t limit to just the morning. We’re thrilled that our guests will soon be able to enjoy all-day breakfast coast-to-coast.”

According to A&W, the brand serves eggs from hens that are fed an animal byproduct-free diet and ar raised without the use of antibiotics. The bacon and sausage also comes from antibiotic-free pork. The chain’s eggs, sausages and bacon are farmed in Canada and will be cooked fresh throughout the day.

The brad also offers organic, fair-trade coffee.

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