Morals Village Brings Premium Hotpot Experience to Mississauga


Mississauga foodies have seen it all—sushi, roti, dosa, pierogi, pho, dim sum and more. But not everyone has experienced true premium hotpot, something that beloved Chinese restaurant brand Morals Village is bringing to crowds of hungry diners night after night at its chic and spacious Mississauga restaurant.

Morals Village, which opened up in the Burnhamthorpe and Central Parkway Area in Mississauga (right in the city's bustling City Centre core) about a year ago, is bringing the brand's signature hotpot to customers searching for flavourful broths, fine meats and fresh vegetables.

For those who are unaware, Morals Village is a hugely popular franchise that was founded in China and focuses on a northern style of hotpot. The company now operates a stunning 300+ restaurants all over the world and came to Canada for the very first time three years ago, opening a location in Markham.

"We're known for premium hotpot," says Closs Tong, Public Relations with Morals Village representative Sweven Media. "We're premium hotpot because of the ingredients that we use, our soup base and everything is high quality. All of our soup bases and the spices we use are imported from China."

Morals Village originated in the village of Chongqing in China and the Canadian menu features the original ingredients native to the region. For that reason alone, it feels extra special—uniquely original and authentic, like diners are being let in on a great culinary secret. To ensure the meats are always fresh, registered Canadian meat experts were hired to purchase products and ensure they're of the finest quality.

The beverages at Morals Village are also special, as the brand offers homemade drinks such as its signature rice milk, plum juice and winter melon tea. It also offers herbal tea, sugarcane and an impetrate drink. While the beverages are delicious as they are, they're extra satisfying because they offer a refreshing counterpoint to the hot and spicy food. One standout beverage is the light, refreshing watermelon juice. After a few spoonfuls of strongly spiced meat and vegetables, the juice offers a delightfully cool reprieve.

"Morals Village is more a northern style of hotpot, so it's more spicy," says Tong. "Some hot pot focuses more on soup bases, others more on seafood. We focus more on soup base."

If you're hungry, you're in luck. The restaurant offers an All You Can Eat menu, so you can choose as many (or as few) dishes as you want. Adults can eat for $25.99 on most weekdays (holidays may be an extra $2) and children under 13 can eat for for $13.95. Seniors can enjoy hotpot for $19.95

So, how does one enjoy hotpot?

It all starts with the perfect soup base.

When diners sit down, they'll notice their table has glass top stove that will eventually boil their broth—and there are lots of broths to choose from—and cook their fresh ingredients. Some broths they can choose? The popular and delicious 10 Year Special Spicy soup base, the Original Spicy soup base, the Sweet Tomato Ox soup base, the French-Inspired Sweet Corn soup base, the Homemade Pork Bone soup base (which is perfect for anyone looking for a mild but flavourful broth) and more.

Diners can choose a large pot to share with a friend or a small pot to enjoy a personal meal. If one cannot decide which base to try, a split bowl that allows the diner to enjoy two different bases can be used.

Once the base is boiled, then diners can start cooking their ingredients.

As far as ingredients go, there's truly something for everyone. Some premium ingredients include ribeye beef slices, New Zealand lamb shoulder slices, crispy pork fillet, fresh fried pork skin, tofu, quail eggs, A grade beef tongue slices, mushrooms, pumpkin slices, broccoli, cabbage, Japanese udon, handmade noodles, hand whipped squid paste and more. If you love meat, the selection is vast. If you're vegetarian, there's an array of veggie and soy products to choose from.

Diners can also try some delicious appetizers, including spring rolls and deep fried buns with condensed milk.

Ultimately, hotpot allows people to passively cook their premium ingredients while bonding with family and friends. It offers everyone the joy of cooking with the convenience of eating out, and it exposes adventurous diners—and those just seeking out relaxing comfort food—to a range of fresh, flavourful and healthy ingredients.

It's more than worth checking out.

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