Mississauga's Top 5 Afghan Restaurants


Growing up, I lived all over the world before living in Mississauga and one of my favourite cuisines has been Afghan. How can one resist fresh, warm naan and spicy, flavourful and tender kabob meats? Not to mention the special sauces that come with every meal!

When I moved to Mississauga a few years ago, I was unsure of whether the food scene would be as diverse and interesting as Toronto's. It most certainly is! There may not be as many of each option, but the most popular of cuisines have at least one or more homes in Canada’s 6th largest city. What a relief for a foodie like me! 

Here are my must-visit top 5 Afghan restaurants in Mississauga: 

1. Kandahar Kabob 

It was during my first Ramadan in Mississauga (the Islamic holy month where believers fast from sunrise to sunset) that I was craving a good Afghan meal. Having not eaten all day, I felt my hunger could only be satisfied with large portions of flavorful, hot-off-the-grill meats and soft naan. I did a quick Google search and found that this place offers a complimentary fast-breaking meal to all those who come for dinner. That was enough to entice me to go, and I certainly made the right choice. Over the years, the food has consistently been fresh and tasty, the service friendly, the atmosphere casual and appropriate for family dining and the price at par with others in this category - roughly $9 - $14, depending on the meats of choice. I return to this place every time I crave Afghan, and encourage you all to try it! 

2. Bamiyan Kabob 

This place is a household name for anyone who enjoys Afghan food, as it has many locations all over the city. The two Mississauga locations maintain the same quality as their Toronto counterparts. There's always a line-up at the counter, as every item on the menu is delicious! The service is fast, the atmosphere is fairly lively due to its popularity and the portions are generous. The prices range from $9 - $12, and the dinners include rice, salad and naan -- which is standard for Afghan meals. You are guaranteed to leave very full and very satisfied! 

3. Watan Kabob 

I used to pass this restaurant when driving almost anywhere in this city, as it's located a few minutes from the City Centre. Friends had always raved about it, so I thought it was worth trying one Friday evening. Very glad I did! The food is authentic tasting as promised, the service is prompt and the prices are no higher than usual  - starting around $9 and going up to $14 if you would like their fish option (not available at many Afghan restaurants). If you are in the area and would like either to do take-out or dine-in, you will not be disappointed at this choice! 

4. Bakhtar Kabab

A wonderful, family-owned restaurant. This was a bit further than the others and slightly outside of the downtown core, but the drive was well worth it for the kind of hospitality I received. The owners, a husband and wife team, worked together behind the counter while their daughter played in the restaurant. The space was large and the Afghan television show in the background added to the vibe. Although the portions were smaller than what most others offer in that price range, the taste made up for it. The naan was one of the best I have had! I usually find family-operated restaurants bring a sense of coziness and friendliness that large chains do not and this can certainly be found here. If you are one for flavorful, good-quality food, definitely pay a visit! 

5. Chopan Grill

A beautifully-decorated, very large restaurant where you can bring a date or family to enjoy remarkable service and a wonderful meal! I heard about this place from too many people to not try it out for myself, and although the drive was the furthest of the five listed here, I will happily be returning very soon. After having a conversation with the owner, who was serving us himself alongside his wife, I learned that his uncle owns the original store in the US and his Sauga branch only opened recently. They take pride in their family business, and it shows in every aspect of how the place is run -- from the gracious and diligent service provided, to the quality of the food to the constant follow-ups at the table to make sure all is well. The prices are a few dollars higher than most places, as the ambiance is better and it is full-service operation (no ordering at a counter). My favorite part of the experience was the home-made, complimentary desserts (free because they're new additions to the menu). The most scrumptious baklava and kheer I have had at any restaurant to date, made to pure perfection!  

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