Mississauga’s massive new light festival: A deeper look into the show captivating visitors of all ages

Published September 30, 2022 at 11:48 am

Mississauga’s massive new light festival, illumi: A deeper look into the show captivating visitors of all ages

Make sure your phone is charged, because you’ll need it for the most Instagrammable and Tiktok-able event on the planet.

Mississauga’s newest attraction, a massive festival of lights called illumi – A Dazzling World of Lights already has many excited visitors coming through to check out the sights after its opening earlier this month. So far, more than 40,000 tickets have been snagged for the first edition, ending January 8.

illumi isn’t just any regular light show – presented by Cavalia, it is 600,000 square feet of gorgeous displays made from over 20 million LED lights, more than any the city has ever seen before.

Residents who are interested in checking it out are advised to schedule their visit. illumi is located at 7174 Derrycrest Dr in the city’s north end, near Hurontario and Highway 407.

Those who have already visited illumi know that it’s a walk along a branching path that leads through many different areas, called universes, which each have their own theme, music and displays.

The universes are dynamic, and new touches will be sprinkled throughout the different worlds to mark the changing seasons and the holidays.

Here’s a look at what each one has to offer:

The illumi Tree of Lights and its Village

When arriving at illumi, the first thing you’re sure to notice is the iconic tree of lights, which is as tall as the Statue of Liberty (47m) and visible for kilometers around. The tree is made up of 44,000 luminous interactive spheres. A multicolour tree forest also brightens up the surrounding village.

The Cavalia Horses

This herd of 200 sparkling stallions, constructed from half a million dazzling lights, was inspired by the gracefulness of Cavalia’s equine stars that made the shows Cavalia and Odysséo a global success. Through the magic of water screens and brilliant projections, visitors will see Cavalia horses enjoying themselves and romping about to music created by Canadian composer Michel Cusson.

The Infinite Poles

It’s winter all the time in this universe, where the North Pole and South Pole blur together into an icy world while serene music drifts on the breeze. Penguins, whales and igloos coexist peacefully in an endless forest of stalagmites.

The Happiest Farm

Under a sparkling canopy of red and orange maple leaves, you’ll find a chicken coop, barn, and friendly farm animals inspired by the farms of rural Canada. Guests are invited to dance along to the folk music of yesteryear and honour their sweet tooths with treats from the Cavalia Farm.

The Magic Lanterns

This beautiful Asian-inspired universe features huge bright flowers, bamboo shoots, pandas, soldiers and emperors. Visitors can stroll into the pagoda and admire the school of koi fish, guarded by an imposing and fabulous imperial dragon.

The Europea Place

Ride on the Merry-Go-Round and listen to bewitching music, making you feel like you’re galloping gently in the moonlight. This electrifying European universe immerses guests in a symphony of colours and the glow of blazing streetlamps.

The Crazy Boulevard

Dive into America’s culture of excess with this make-believe neighbourhood, where consumerism is king. Guests will stroll the extravagant Boulevard, taking them everywhere from America to Pisa, Toronto, Rio and Montreal. Hollywood movies and beloved sports stars shine in the spotlight here – literally.

A Kid’s Paradise

It was an unusually dark and stormy night. To everyone’s surprise, many colorful aliens landed at illumi bringing along their favorite meal: giant candies! Decadent cakes and ice cream cones, lollipops and doughnuts fit for giants, and all kinds of candy are now a part of this dazzling light adventure. And it’s pure paradise! Howling winds transported a gingerbread house from a childhood dream straight into this scene. Sweet tooths beware! You’ll have to fight the urge (and maybe some friendly aliens) to replace dinner with this endless sweet feast!

The Tunnel of Love

Feeling romantic? Gorgeous LED lights and delicate flowers line every inch of the 30-metre-long Tunnel of Love. The kaleidoscopic corridor’s lights make the visuals even more stunning the further you go in.

The Colourful Animal Kingdom

This is the only place in the world where you can do a walking safari among the majestic wild animals of Africa. Stretch your neck to admire the giraffes in all their splendour as they’re closely eyed by herds of elephants and zebras. Enjoy flamboyant flamingos in the multi-coloured trees and be dazzled by the majestic swans.

The Scarlet Spiders

While the other universes feature an array of bright colours, this universe instead has hundreds of glowing red spiders against the backdrop of a black sky. The monstrous matriarch and her progeny of 250 arachnid predators will give visitors goosebumps.

Get Your Snack On!

Along the way, visitors can stop at a number of food trucks and illumi points of sale, selling food and drinks to enjoy before resuming the journey through the festival.

illumi also offers heated areas for hosting private indoor events and a boutique where you can bring home a piece of the magic with a souvenir.

Before arriving in Mississauga, illumi found massive success in Quebec during the last three years –welcoming over 1.5 million visitors of all ages – and is eager to break that record here.

Interested in checking these universes out? Tickets are available now, with free parking available on site.

For more information and latest updates on the festival, visit illumi’s website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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