Mississauga's Downtown Core Could Undergo Huge Changes Soon


What would you like to see happen to Mississauga’s downtown core?

That’s pretty much the question being asked by the city in their latest online survey.

It seems like it has taken a few years for the project to get off the ground, but the City of Mississauga is now launching its ‘Downtown Strategy’ and is requesting feedback from residents on what they would like to see in ‘downtown’ Mississauga.The strategy seeks to set a vision and plan for Mississauga’s downtown by answering the following questions:

  • What are the downtown’s strengths?

  • Where are the opportunities, such as what would make it easy to live, work, play, shop, gather and learn in the downtown area?

  • What are our needs and aspirations for the downtown?

  • What is our vision for the future and what actions will get us there?

There are three phases the city has outlined for developing Mississauga’s Downtown Strategy:

  • Phase 1 would identify the strengths of downtown as outlined above; this would take place over the summer into the fall.

  • Phase 2 (‘Defining the Future’) would take place from the fall of 2019 into early 2020, where opportunities and future possibilities would be identified.

  • Phase 3, scheduled for mid to late 2020 would determine what should be implemented and measures for success.

An online survey can be done by residents interested in providing what their experience with downtown Mississauga is like. The survey takes only five minutes but the questions are. You are first asked why you come to Mississauga’s downtown area:You are then asked what you think makes downtown Mississauga great and what your favourite places are:You are then asked to ‘tell them more!’ and clarify more specifically what you like about the current amenities in downtown Mississauga. The second part of the survey concerns what is known as a tactical urbanism pilot project.

The city installed temporary features including: seasonal planters, protected bike lanes, shorter intersection crossings, decorative seating, a bioswale mock-up, programmed parking spaces, mural paintings and public art street banners, as well as a new busking location (south-east corner of Living Arts Drive and Princess Royal Drive).

You are then asked if you attended (or have seen) the pilot and your thoughts on the project:This part continues by asking what else would you like to see on the streets and sidewalks in downtown Mississauga.You conclude the survey by providing the first three digits of your postal code, your age range, gender (if you prefer to give it) and how you prefer to receive information from the City of Mississauga in the future.

What would like to see in downtown Mississauga in the subsequent future?

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