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Published July 28, 2014 at 4:08 am


Over my many years of food research, I have never met more interesting people than the ones behind the hot dog stand. Some of these people have been doing it for generations and have seen Mississauga change from endless cornfields to what it is today. Some of the best conversations and stories I’ve had have come from this research. Next time you go to a hot dog stand, strike up a conversation with these guys and be enlightened by their stories. Unless, of course, they are busy. If they are, leave them alone 🙂

Here’s a guide to the best Mississauga hot dog stands that are open for more than six months out of the year in no particular order:

Hot Dog stand at Canadian Tire – Winston Churchill & Dundas

Jimmy is a legend in the hot dog world. He has been doing this for 25 years and has served two generations of customers. Jimmy says he serves customers who remember buying hot dogs from him when they were kids. Now, they come to him with their own kids. Trippy!

Also, Jimmy is the only hot dog guy who serves an extra half a hot dog in the bun when you purchase a hot dog. Yes, you get 1.5 hot dogs for the low-low price of $2. Just look at the picture above.

Yes, he is technically located in Oakville, but let’s not let technicalities get in the way since he is literally footsteps from the Mississauga border (weird borders over there). His stand was in Mississauga for years until the Canadian Tire moved and 99 per cent of the people who buy his hot dogs are from Sauga.

Open: All year round
Prices: $2 Hot Dog, $3 Sausages

Port Credit – Hot Dog Stand

The hot dog stand in Port Credit has been at the same location across from the lighthouse for more then 25 years. He was actually there before the lighthouse. He has seen Port Credit become what it is today and has some great stories that only he can tell and know.

He prides himself on quality and is one of the few who actually uses brand name wieners and even offers whole wheat buns. I can almost guarantee that his hot dog and water combo for $4 is the best in Port Credit.

Open: March to December
Prices: $4 Hot Dog (includes water), $5 Sausages (includes water)

Kennedy – Hot Dog Stand

There are a lot of father and son teams in the hot dog stand world. A hot dog stand run by a super nice guy named Lucas is located on Kennedy Road just north of the 401. He and his dad have been doing this for the past 18 years and you will always see him around the baseball diamonds.

His hot dog was cooked to perfection, and at that point I was on my eighth hot dog and it still tasted good. That says a lot! This hot dog stand is perfectly situated around all the businesses around there.

Open: March to December
Prices: $3 Hot Dog, $4 Sausages

Celebration Square – Top Dog 

One of the greatest joys in life is a simple hot dog, and – as you may have guessed – Top Dog specializes in them. Their truck serves up delicious gourmet hot dogs (chicken, beef sausages) with a variety of side orders – namely their fresh cut fries and nacho chips, as well as a drink of pop or water to wash it down. If you’re looking to chow down on a tasty dog, Top Dog is your best bet. They also offer Halal.

Open: All year round
Prices: $4 Hot Dog

One thing you can always count on when going to Canadian Tire is that a hot dog stand will be outside of the store, and some of these hot dog stands are on another level. These are the Rolls Royce of hot dog stands. They not only serve hot dogs, but also fries, poutine and veggie dogs.

Hot Dog Stand at Canadian Tire – Britannia/Mavis
I already mentioned Jimmy’s operation, but another one that stuck out was at the Canadian Tire at Heartland. Jimmy Staxs is his name and he was working the stand today. This is also a father and son team that has been there since 2000. He was a super nice guy and we had a great conversation and great hot dog.

Open: All year round
Prices: $3.50 Hot Dog, $4.50 Sausages

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  1. Hot Dog Stand at Canadian Tire – Winston Churchill & Dundas
  2. Hot Dog Stand at Celebration Square
  3. Port Credit – Hot Dog Stand
  4. Kennedy – Hot Dog Stand
  5. Hot Dog Stand at Canadian Tire – Britannia/Mavis
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